30 Days in Europe: Travel Itinerary Ideas & Tips - Days to Come (2024)

Welcome, willkommen, bienvenue to Europe, one of the most diverse continents on the planet. Steeped in history, culture and tradition, Europe is famously abundant with art, antiquity, and ornate architecture –there’s good reason why the Grand Tour was a rite of passage for the 18th-century aristocracy– and a 30-day tour offers a chance to experience more than a brief snapshot of its character and beauty.

With 44 countries spanning nearly four million square miles (10m sq. km), Europe is a vast yet surprisingly connected continent. In a month, you can beach hop around the Mediterranean, trek through the Tatra Mountains, and see Amsterdam through Rembrandt’s lens with ease.

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Spending 30 days in Europe costs less than you think. While it’s relatively cheap and straightforward to fly between major cities, exploring by road or rail is the most popular – and best – way to see Europe. Whether you want to scale the lofty Eiffel Tower in Paris, explore Rome’s ancient Colosseum, or see the gargantuan dome of the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, a well-thought-out itinerary can be accessible to all budgets.

One of the most logical, convenient, and time-savvy ways to see Europe is on an organized adventure, where all the planning, logistics, and hard work is done for you. Whether you’re on a backpackers’ budget or want a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, here’s how to get the best out of Europe in just 30 days.

Top tips for planning your itinerary

1. Don’t try to see everything

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And Europe can’t be seen in a month, but you can scratch more than the surface on a 30-day traveling budget. Whether you want to tick off the top sights or spend your time more leisurely and get to know the vibe of a city, research, and planning is always the key to a successful trip.

Feeling free and easy? Why not leave the itinerary to the professionals and book an organized adventure? With many trips starting in London, the adventures begin as soon as they hit the rails or road, traveling through key cities across Europe, including Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, and Budapest.

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2.Schedule in plenty of downtime

So many cities, so little time can be the death knell of fun when you’re traveling. While it’s tempting to pack your 30 days in Europe to the brim, it’s important to remember it’s a holiday, not a challenge. Let go of the FOMO and factor in some downtime on the beach or in the mountains to rest and recharge.

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3. Pick your top destinations

Whether you want to island hop around Greece, bathe in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon or embark on a Game of Thrones pilgrimage to Dubrovnik, take time to choose what you really want to get out of your 30 days in Europe. Have a wish list as a baseline and work your itinerary and budget around it.

There are dozens of 30-day organized adventures available across Europe, many of which combine the big-hitting city stops like Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin, along with lesser-known destinations like Kotor, Tirana and Delphi.

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How to get around Europe

Although vast, Europe is an accessible continent and you can cover plenty of distance in 30 days. Depending on your budget and what you want to achieve, flying is usually the quickest way to hop between major cities; however, you do lose much of the charm you get from seeing Europe from ground level.

Traveling by train is one of the best ways to explore the continent. Europe has an extensive cross-border rail network which is reliable, efficient, and reasonably priced. Eurail offers interrailing passes that fit a 30-day budget and allow more freedom to explore on your own timetable.

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If keeping costs down is a major factor, low-cost coach and bus services such as FlixBus and Infobus can be good options, having routes to more than 1200 destinations in 24 countries.

Alternatively, booking an organized adventure will really make the most of your 30 days on the continent. There are dozens of brilliant itineraries covering all interests and budgets –almost always including travel, accommodation, and the services of a tour leader– it’s a great way to travel around Europe with like-minded people.

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30 days in Europe: Where to go and what to do

With 30 days to play with, Europe really can be your oyster. Amsterdam to Antwerp, London to Ljubljana, Zurich to Zagreb, you can easily check out 10 countries or more on a 30-day budget. Classic Europe itineraries include Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, while the more unique itineraries include destinations like Pamplona, Liechtenstein, and the Rhineland. Focus on one or two regions and get stuck into seeing the best of it on a 30-day European holiday.

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Western Europe

From Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam to the Zurich opera, most classic pan-European tours focus on the big hitters – Paris, Berlin, Rome, Venice, Barcelona – where there’s enough culture and history to fill 300 days, let alone 30.

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Some organized adventures will take a deeper dive into western Europe, starting in London and winding through 18 or 19 destinations, including Biarritz and Madrid, the French Riviera and Monaco, Florence, Venice, and Rome, while others will include a river cruise through the Rhineland, a tour of Cologne and the last few days enjoying Amsterdam.

Southern Europe

Sweeping across from Spain to Serbia, the southern Europe region incorporates Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Albania, Slovenia and more. From the temples of ancient Greece, the ruins of Rome to the beaches of Spain, Cyprus, and Albania, southern Europe is great for combining culture and kick-back time.

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For something a little different from the classic European Grand Tour, book an organized adventure that takes in the most fascinating destinations along the Mediterranean and Dardania route. Several 30-day itineraries have options that start in Tirana, Albania, and wind across the length of southern Europe, including overnights in Naples and Pompeii, Durmitor National Park in Montenegro, Sarajevo, Belgrade and Budapest.

Central and Eastern Europe

From the emerald-hued Plitviče Lakes in Croatia and the bohemian nightlife of Sofia, to the Gothic architecture and beer taverns of Prague, there are a million and one reasons to include central and eastern regions on your 30-day European trip, not least because these affordable cities will make a tight budget stretch even further.

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Whether you start in Vienna or Vilnius, there are a number of organized adventures that explore central and Eastern Europe’s most captivating cities, including Bucharest, Sofia, and Plovdiv. Alternatively, choose an itinerary that ventures into the rugged landscape of the High Tatra Mountains between Poland and Slovakia.

Northern Europe

With its design-centric cities, glacial fjords and stark arctic wilderness, Northern Europe can feel like an entirely different planet, compared to the rest of the continent. From the geothermal waters of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, and the pop culture museums of Stockholm to the fjords of Norway, there are plenty of reasons to head north on your adventure.

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From Copenhagen and Oslo to Stockholm, you can have some incredible Nordic adventures on these 30-day itineraries across northern Europe. Several include overnight cruises from Stockholm to Helsinki or crossing over the Arctic Circle to Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland.

For more inspiration — or to book a hassle-free holiday and travel with a group of like-minded people — check out our full range of 30-day Europe tours.

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30 Days in Europe: Travel Itinerary Ideas & Tips - Days to Come (2024)


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