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Online Courses are everywhere these days. And thereis some solid reason for their popularity. They are highly flexible, relatively cost-efficient, and have a global reach. There are plenty of offerings in the market, but not all allow you to access free online courses as you have here on the WorthyMBA website.

If you have the will and desire to upskill yourself, then online learning has never been more accessible, and you may feel spoilt for choices with the sheer range of free Skillshare classes on offer here.Sounds exciting? It indeed is! You have an opportunity to learn virtually anything. This page offers an incredible offer; read on to know more!

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Avail of one-month free access to Kartikay Ungrish’sSkillShare courses listed below.To make the opportunity sweeter for WorthyMba readers and Worthy Education Academy trainees, You get complimentary unlimited access to all classes on the SkillShare platform free for 30 days with my referral code. In other words, you can watch an unlimited number offree online coursesfor one whole month.

Other than my classes on Skillshare, I have also listed some of the most prominent courses by other established Skillshare teachers for you to access directly from the links on this page. You can pick any Skillshare class, whether mine or another teacher’s. If you access any Skillshare class link on this page, you will get a 30-day window to watch all courses on the platform as free Skillshare Classes.

There are over 40000 courses on the Skillshare platform ranging from technology to artistic skills, business, creative writing, and much more. You have thousands of options from hundreds of professional creators to upskill yourself.

And if, after 30 days, you see value in this deal, you may continue with your subscription and enjoy the benefits by paying their reasonably priced annual fee. It is a risk-free learning opportunity for anyone who is a doer.

What are your waiting for? Make a move, access courses from the links below, and take advantage now!

Table of Contents

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Why Exploring Free Skillshare Classes is Worth it?

Skillshare courses offer many advantages for eager learners seeking to broaden their horizons. With various topics ranging from creative arts to business strategies, these free Skillshare courses and classes open doors to a world of knowledge and skill development.

Variety of Topics: Free Skillshare classes cover an extensive range of subjects, allowing individuals to explore diverse interests, from graphic design and photography to marketing and entrepreneurship.

Flexibility: Accessible anytime and anywhere, these free Skillshare classes allow self-learning at their own pace, fitting seamlessly into even the busiest schedules.

Skill Diversification: Embracing the free Skillshare classes enables learners to diversify their skill set, fostering adaptability and proficiency across various domains.

Project-Based Learning: Many of these courses incorporate practical projects, empowering students to apply newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios, a hallmark feature of these free Skillshare courses.

Community Interaction: Engaging with both instructors and fellow learners through discussions and collaborations enriches the learning journey, a unique aspect of the interactive nature of these free Skillshare classes.

Affordability: The subscription model offers cost-effective access to many free Skillshare courses, eliminating the need for individual class payments.

Expert Instructors: Taught by industry experts, these free Skillshare classes provide invaluable insights and guidance from seasoned professionals in their respective fields.

Updated Content: Regular updates ensure that the free Skillshare courses remain relevant and up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements, keeping learners at the forefront of their chosen industries.

Offline Access: Some courses allow for offline viewing, granting the flexibility to learn even without an internet connection, enhancing the accessibility of these free Skillshare classes.

The myriad benefits of these free Skillshare courses extend far beyond just acquiring knowledge. They empower individuals to explore diverse subjects, learn at their own pace, and develop practical skills through engaging projects. Skillshare’s free classes foster a dynamic learning community that adapts to the evolving landscape of knowledge and skills through its exhaustive inventory of classes often made by industry experts.

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Logo Design Course Description:

This class titled ” Logo Tutorial: Minimal Logo Design & Logo Design Process using Placeit! ” is designed to teach the art and skill of using software called Placeit for making professional & commercial grade logos. Regarding graphic designing, Placeit is a versatile, relatively newer tool on the block.

Placeit is primarily designed to make graphic art for Print on Demand T-shirts and several other merchandise. Its lesser utilized potential lies in logo making or the easy-to-master process of logo design, mockup creation, and certain kinds of video content creation. Placeit comes from the house of a solid graphic company called Envato.

What makes Placeit amazing is that it has hundreds of high-quality, easily customizable graphic templates and independent elements like fonts, icons, video clips, and sounds. So you can give wings to your creativity and design seemingly endless stream of unique graphics. Once you get used to the process, it takes only a few minutes to create high-quality professional-grade graphics or logos with Placeit.

Add to this, any design you make on Placeit is your creation, and you are free to use or sell it commercially anywhere in any form under your brand name.

So there is no shortage of reasons to learn and use Placeit for graphic designing; however, for this course, I have primarily discussed Placeit as a great and versatile tool for logo design.

I have covered typographic logosand minimal logo design, and graphic-heavy logo designs judicially in this logo tutorial class. So stay tuned and master the art of making killer logos easily using Placeit!Click the link below to access this course and thousands of other free online courses on Skillshare for one month!

Student Review for logo design Course

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“Crystal clear actionable information. Equally helpful for professionals and anyone pursuing a hobby in this area. Kartikay Ungrish Sir is highly methodical. Excellent content and impeccable presentation. I am grateful to Skillshare for providing such a professional theme lecture in an online portal.”- Aknsha B (Skillshare student)

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Keyword Research Course Description:

“SEO Keyword Research: Master Keyword Ranking using Free Keyword Tools!” is a fascinating and practical-oriented course on keyword research for SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This SEO Keyword Research course covers basics like themeaning and types of keywordsand how they form the building blocks of SEO. It elaborates on keywords based on length, search intent, and Keyword difficulty(Search Difficulty). It moves to the lesser discussed but essential concepts like readability vs. searchability debate and the Search Intent of search queries.

Free Keyword tools and free versions of paid tools are taught in this course. Keyword Research tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Ubsersuggest, Ahref, Semrush, etc., are explained in detail in this SEO keyword research course. This information will help boost web content creators’ SEO efforts. Furthermore, I have given a simple yet effective 3-step strategy for finding opportunity keywords using free tools and a free version of paid keyword tools.

The course structure automatically leads learners to the practical project on keyword research for SEO. I am sure this course’s learning will give website content writers a new perspective and help boost their website’s SEO score and organic rankings.

Lastly, for whom is this SEO keyword research class? This SEO Course will add value to anybody who wants to learn the core concepts of search engine optimization and keyword planning and how they revolve around finding and using the right keywords and phrases. In other words, if you are looking for a skillshare class that teaches SEO for websites or, more precisely, SEO for new websites, then this course is for you.

Since this SEO course teaches fundamental concepts of search engine optimization, thus it can also serve people who want to know about Local SEO, Youtube SEO, WordPress SEO, and on-page SEO.

You will learn multiple Keyword Research related concepts and valuable SEO and Keyword skills from this SEO Keyword research class to easily rank on Google and other search engines.

So if you have a website, plan to create one, or are a content writer, you will learn many valuable SEO and Keyword skills from this SEO Keyword research class to rank on Google and other search engines.

And you can also read an article on the subject on this website. I have explained the core concepts on the topic of Keywords in Seo in this blog post. Click the link below to access this course and get an opportunity to watch thousands of other free online courses on Skillshare for one month!

Student Review for Keyword Research Course

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“Thank you, Kartikay, for coming up with such an incredible SEO Course. It was a very informative course which provided a thorough understanding of Keywords, particularly the difference between various keywords, and how to find the appropriate keywords using different free and paid tools.”- Azhar H. ( Skillshare Student)

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Styles in writing Course Description:

Styles in writing is a lesser discussed and confusing topic for most writers, including the seasoned ones. Ironically, content writers emphasize grammar and vocabulary but often fail to realize the significance of picking the correct writing style for their assignments. However, failing to pick the proper writing style for your writing task can defeat the purpose of the content itself. This class, “Learn 4 Writing Styles to Improve Your Content Writing & Creative Writing Skills!” teaches you four basic writing styles to Improve Your Content Writing in particular and creative writing skills in general.

The course is structured to serve all skill levels and benefit anybody who wants clarity in their content writing style. Whether you are doing content writing for print media or trying your hand at digital content writing, this class on writing techniques will help you find your perfect writing groove.

Quality content writing is a tricky business; it requires learners to master different elements of the writing process. Thus, takingcontent writing trainingis not a bad idea. This class on four styles in writing can help learners approach content writing appropriately and apply the correct and suitable details to every content writing project.

Thiscontent writing skill classdiscusses Expository writing style, Narrative writing style, Descriptive writing style, and last but not least, the Persuasive writing style with relevant examples in separate video lectures.

This class reasonably elaborates on descriptive writing; hence, it is helpful for anybody who wants to learn the basics of fiction writing and the foundations of novel writing. Furthermore, this writing styles tutorial also explains some lesser discussed but essential topics, such as 5-sensory descriptions (Visual, Aural, Gustatory, Olfactory, and tactile) in descriptive content writing. Thus, it is an excellent class for anybody interested in learning creative writing and descriptive essays.

Finally, for those interested in learning the foundations of one of the most in-demand writing styles, persuasive writing, and copywriting, this class also teaches 3-elements of persuasive content writing (ethos, pathos, and logos). It explains how a writer can use one or more of these persuasive elements to craft compelling copies.

You can access the course from the free access tab below and watch my other classes and thousands of courses from different creators for free for one month. This website also contains a detailed and elaborativearticle on four writing stylesfor our readers’ benefit; you should check that, too. Keep reading, keep watching, and keep learning.

Student Review for Writing style Course

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“Thank you, Kartikay Ungrish, sir, for coming up with such an easy-to-understand and valuable class. This class puts the spotlight where it matters on writing style topics. It is a well-organized class that builds from basic to advanced chapters without confusing the students. The teacher has taught extremely well with relevant examples. My takeaway is almost everyone can benefit from understanding correct writing style and how easy it is to ignore this basic concept.”- Aknsha.B ( Skillshare Student)

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Canva for Beginners - Editing & Pro Hacks Tutorial

In this Canva for beginners, Canva tutorial, you can learn Canva basics and fundamentals of this amazing tool called Canva. This class discusses both the free version and Canva pro features in great detail. The structured content is the USP of this Canva class. I have shown all the key features with practical and easy-to-understand examples.

This course begins with an introduction to Canva and progresses on to a discussion on a vast range of incredible Canva templates. In the third lesson, you can learn Canva editing skills with practical examples, followed by an advanced Canva editing lesson, where you can learn Canva pro-level Canva editing features and how they can take your Canva graphic designs to the next level.

In the fifth lecture video of this class, learners will know an interesting trick to remove image backgrounds in the free version of Canva, a feature usually associated with Canva Pro. In the next video, I have explained the Canva shortcuts and some Canva Pro hacks and how they can help fasten up the graphic design process with Canva.

Finally, in the seventh and eighth, video a very interesting yet easy-to-do Canva project and step-by-step instructions This project will also help is presented, giving learners a peek into how to use Canva for Instagram graphics.

This Canva course will help learners to learn Canva as a comprehensive graphic designing tool. This class will help beginners get a hack of the interface of Canva and help experienced Canva users can become better Canva designers.

Student Review for Canva for Beginners Class

Access Free Skillshare Classes Across Platform for 30 days! (10)

“This Canva for beginners Class exceeded my expectation.” – Brandi Gray ( Skillshare Student)

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Canva for Instagram - Design 6 Types of Content

The “Canva for Instagram” course is a helpful resource for businesses and individuals looking to create engaging content on Instagram. This is one of its kind Canva Tutorial that exclusively focuses on all kinds of Instagram content and teaches step-by-step how to create them.

The course covers six types of Instagram content, including single photo posts, carousel posts, video posts, Instagram stories, story highlight covers, and Instagram reels. Students will learn how to use Canva to design eye-catching graphics and video content, including custom templates, text, and effects.

The free Skillshare course also covers the use of Canva frames and grids, as well as how to maintain brand consistency using the Canva Pro feature of Brand Kits. This comprehensive course is an excellent tutorial for anyone new to Canva, and is a valuable addition to a separate course Canva for beginners by Kartikay Ungrish on the Skillshare platform; This Canva class teaches Canva editing hacks and tips. Both courses seamlessly complement each other.

So if you are interested in learning Canva specifically for Instagram then click on the free access link below to get one month platform wide free access to skillshare and watch this Skillshare class along with thousands of others for free for the full 30 days.

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Ali Abdaal's Skillshare Class on Notion - Description:

You can watch and access Dr. Ali Abdaal’s Notion Class on Skillshare from the link below. Read the description to know why it is worth your time.

In this free Skillshare course you will learn all essential elements of the popular productivity tool called notion that includes but is not limited to creating and using pages, lists, covers, icons even databases and websites too. The author of this class is one of the most sorts after Skillshare teachers and YouTubers. For an explanation, the teacher has taken a sample project and customized it using various features.

This Skillshare class effectively explains Notion tool’s functionalities using its free version. Most people find free versions good enough for their day-to-day personal and business task organization. Enrol in this Skillshare class with my referral link to access this course along with thousands of other offerings as free online courses for 30 days! The videos of this Skillshare class are crisp and clear, and after attending this class, you can learn and use this master productivity tool productively.

Student Reviews for Ali Abdaal's Notion Class

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“Best class on Notion I have ever taken. Ali explains the notion in very simple manner. Before that class I used to think that notion is a very complex app and was very frustrating app. Thanks To Ali for such a wonderful experience.” – Babar Sahito ( Skillshare Student)

Access Free Skillshare Classes Across Platform for 30 days! (15)

“Simple and super useful course! Thanks Ali for amazing resources that help me to build personal dashboard finally. Highly recommend for all newbies who are overwhelm with tother tutorials that do not guide us from the beginner stuff like Ali do.” – Panida Charusathit (Skillshare Student)

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Beginner' Guide to Adobe Photoshop - Description

Beginner’s guide to Adobe Photoshop: The Essentials by Kate Silver, an established Adobe Instructure, is an outstanding class for new graphic designers. I have handpicked this amazing Photoshop class from Skillshare that you can access for free for 30 days if you sign through the link given below.

This Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Course is one of the better courses on the Skillshare platform for teaching the fundamentals of Photoshop software. You can learn the craft of editing images and creating astonishing graphics from the scratch through this training. It is especially useful for learning the art of creating social media graphics. The trainer for this course is a well-known Photoshop trainer who claims to teach the same course at UK’s leading Adobe Training Centre in London.

It covers important topics ranging from basic to advanced image editing tips, cleaning, and altering backgrounds of images. Selecting, Retouching, and manipulating images in both part and total. It also teaches in detail the use of selection tools and working with different text along with cropping, and adjusting elements. The course further talks about special effects and how they should be employed in Adobe Photoshop.

Finally, this free Skillshare course has special value for marketing and sales personals as it teaches through structured lessons creating sales vouchers, flyers/posters, and other advertising and marketing graphics using an incredible range of templates. What are you waiting for? Click the link below and access this class along with thousands of other Skillshare classes for 30 days for absolutely free.

Student Reviews for Kate's Photoshop Class

Access Free Skillshare Classes Across Platform for 30 days! (17)

“Wow! I think this was my favourite Skillshare course ever. Most of the lessons I’ve seen from others on Photoshop have been quite confusing and painful to get through. These lessons were head and shoulder above others I’ve seen. Super informative and clear. Also loved the use of repetition. I walked away actually remembering the steps which is a first.” – Brianna Aughey (Skillshare Student)

Access Free Skillshare Classes Across Platform for 30 days! (18)

“This was an amazing class! Very clear and easy to follow!” – Jonny Holmes (Skillshare Student)

Access Free Skillshare Classes Across Platform for 30 days! (19)

Fiverr & Freelancing Business Class - Description

This Skillshare Class named ” How to Start and Grow a Fiverr Freelance Business & Escape the rat race” by Yaswanth Nukasani is a very good starting point for those who want to build a business in freelancing using Fiverr. It can be daunting and confusing to learn multiple dimensions of the Fiverr marketplace but this Skillshare course makes it easy.

This free Skillshare course explains the working of the Fiverr marketplace in a very lucid and easy-to-grasp manner. One can learn the steps involved in creating a professional profile on Fiverr, specifically focusing on how to write one’s bio details that ultimately attract more leads.

In this free Skillshare class, one can also learn about prominent services that almost always remain in demand and are easy to offer, including freelance writing and translation services, logo design services using Adobe Photoshop, SEO, and Social media marketing services.

This class also guides learners about the methods and techniques required in attaining skill sets and reputable certificates that can help freelancers on Fiverr win more high-paying gigs. So what are you waiting for, click the link below to check out this interesting Skillshare course on Fiverr for free!

Student Reviews for Fiverr & Freelancing Class

Access Free Skillshare Classes Across Platform for 30 days! (20)

“I am about to create my Fiverr profile and sell my services (gigs). This class is the very first I took, and I got so much useful information. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone who needs guidance and wants to learn concrete steps and tips for creating a Fiverr business, and much more.” – Ivan Huska (Skillshare Student)

Access Free Skillshare Classes Across Platform for 30 days! (21)

“Simply awesome! Thanks for such valuable information”– Frank Pena (Skillshare Student)

Water Coloring Masterclass - Description

Access Free Skillshare Classes Across Platform for 30 days! (22)

Water coloring has been a fascinating art for many from their childhood. There is no limit to what you can create with paintbrushes. But things can get really clumsy and haphazard if you don’t know the method behind the madness or you lack the skills and techniques needed to do it professionally.

This exciting free Skillshare course on the Art of Water coloring by Yasmina Creates is a significant reference point for anyone who wants to learn this craft in a systematic and scientific way. The creator names the class “Anyone Can Watercolor: The Basics for Creating Magical Pieces.”

This free Skillshare Course covers topics ranging from essential supplies for the artwork, 6 different wash techniques, the concept of layers, and blending in coloring. Some advanced topics like water and paint dynamics, light and dark contrasts, salt techniques, and masking fluid, and it also covered alcohol resistance techniques in considerable detail. One more great thing about this free Skillshare course is that all the lessons are very well structured and show the practical aspect of watercolor painting.

This class can equip you to design enchanting and frame-worthy watercolor art, good enough for selling, or at a minimum level, you can polish your hobby of water coloring and create artwork that pleases your inner artist.

From beginner to advanced coloring artists, this free Skillshare course has something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Get on the board and click the link below to access not only this class for free but also explore thousands of other classes on a variety of topics for full 30 days!

Student Reviews for Water Color Class

Access Free Skillshare Classes Across Platform for 30 days! (23)

“This class emphasizes technique over painting a specific thing. I Love that. So many classes are about painting an animal or flower or something. Sure, you can get something out of them, especially if you want to learn to paint an animal or flower. But This class, this lovely class provides you with tools to play, to create, and to use your imagination whatever your subject matter. I can’t say enough about it. Fantastic!” – Amy Woolsey (Skillshare Student)

Access Free Skillshare Classes Across Platform for 30 days! (24)

“A class jam-packed with information, introducing you to all the important basic techniques of wawatercolorithin the shortest amount possible. There’s also a sample project to try out, although the teacher always stresses that students should paint what and in which style they like.” – Simon Spethmann (Skillshare Student)

A productivity Masterclass - Description

Access Free Skillshare Classes Across Platform for 30 days! (25)

If you are looking for a high-quality yet free Skillshare course to learn about personal growth and productivity, then this class, named “Productivity with Purpose: Your Foundation for Success” by Rich Armstrong, is one of the better options on the Skillshare platform.

The instructor has creatively dwelled on this topic, explained some crucial concepts, and uncovered a unique and exciting structured method that can not only make you more productive but also help you find your true calling in life.

This Skillshare course teaches some of the key and practical concepts of productivity that can help get rid of procrastination and motivate you to execute crucial tasks leading to your most significant goals in life.

The course also talks about the ways to correct FOMO, indecision, binge and purposeless working tendency, and many such productivity-related behavior mistakes. In the end, the instructor has given 3 valuable productivity exercises and also a class worksheet in the download segment of this Skillshare Course.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the link below to access this Skillshare free course and benefit from its catalog of thousands of exciting courses.

Student Reviews for Productivity Masterclass

Access Free Skillshare Classes Across Platform for 30 days! (26)

“I really loved this class and I’m looking forward to more Rich Armstrong courses here. I think this method has helped me to know myself a little better and I think it will help me achieve my goals” – Aline Azevedo (Skillshare Student)

Access Free Skillshare Classes Across Platform for 30 days! (27)

This class is fantastic! It helped me see a clear picture of my future goals but more importantly, it helped me figure out why it’s important to me and what to do next! I would recommend this class to all my friends. Thank you million times!.” – Nastena Vo (Skillshare Student)

A Strategy Masterclass - Description

Access Free Skillshare Classes Across Platform for 30 days! (28)

Half 1: Fundamental Concepts of Strategy

Explore the Meaning and Purpose of Strategy, unraveling its pivotal role in decision-making and goal achievement. Engage with real-world examples across diverse fields like business, politics, sports, and personal development to understand Prominent Use Cases of Strategy. Learn to distinguish between Strategy and Tactics, discovering their synergies for effective outcomes. Uncover the intricate relationship between Strategy and Goals & Objectives, aligning choices with overarching objectives for strategic success.

Half 2: Business Strategy

Examine different types of Business Strategy, including differentiation, cost leadership, and niche strategies, and understand their implications for organizational success. Explore the three Levels of Business Strategy—corporate, business unit, and functional—and grasp their interactions for driving overall performance. Analyze Mission and Vision Statements of prominent organizations like Google, Facebook, and Apple, understanding their role in shaping direction and culture. Develop essential Strategic Thinking skills and explore applications in problem-solving, decision-making, and seizing opportunities.

Course Culmination and Class Project:

The course concludes with a thought-provoking video, “Life without Strategy,” emphasizing the transformative potential of strategic thinking. Participants gain insights into the consequences of lacking a strategic mindset in personal and professional domains. To apply acquired knowledge, students engage in a hands-on class project, applying strategic thinking to a real-life scenario or business case. This practical experience enhances life skills and productivity.

Enroll Today: Take Control of Your Life and Business

Enroll in “Concepts and Applications of Strategy” to gain invaluable insights and tools for navigating the complexities of the modern world. Empower yourself with strategic thinking skills, ensuring success in both personal and professional pursuits. This course offers a transformative learning experience, equipping you with the knowledge to shape your future. Join us today!

Access Free Skillshare Classes Across Platform for 30 days! (2024)


Do I have to pay for each course in Skillshare? ›

When you enroll, you'll have unlimited access to all Skillshare classes, additional features such as offline viewing, and your membership will support the work of teachers you love. You are able to cancel at any point in your membership.

Can you get Skillshare courses for free? ›

Yes, you can use Skillshare for free. The online learning platform features thousands of classes for people to access. Instead of incurring costs for professional development., you can look into Skillshare courses to advance your skillset.

What is the longest free trial for Skillshare? ›

Skillshare features

Luckily you can first use your trial period that lasts up to three months.

How long can you use Skillshare for free? ›

Skillshare offers a 7-day free trial to all customers and at times a 30-day free trial for certain promotions. Any customer who signs up for a free trial can cancel at any time during the free trial period to not be charged.

Can 2 people share a Skillshare account? ›

Your account must be used by you alone. You may not share your account, your login information, access to your Skillshare membership, or any content contained on the Service with anyone else and you may not create an email alias for purposes of sharing your Skillshare membership with other individuals or groups.

What is better than Skillshare? ›

Skillshare 7 alternatives
  • Udemy - "Course selling" Skillshare alternative. Source: Udemy. ...
  • Teachfloor - "All-in-one" Skillshare alternative. Source: Teachfloor. ...
  • Kajabi - "Online course" Skillshare alternative. Source: Kajabi. ...
  • Creative Live. Source: Creative Live. ...
  • Thinkific. Source: Thinkific. ...
  • Teachable. Source: Teachable. ...
  • Podia.

What is the difference between free and paid Skillshare? ›

Skillshare used to have a whole section of free classes, but unfortunately, they don't anymore. The best way to take Skillshare classes for free is to sign up for a 1-month free trial. This way, you will be able to try the platform without paying a dime.

How to download Skillshare classes for free? ›

Once you're connected to the internet, navigate to a class and toggle the Download Class button. Once all of the class lessons have downloaded, you'll be able to click and watch each video offline. Please note that videos are only available for download and offline viewing within the app at this time.

Which is better Udemy or Skillshare? ›

Both platforms are comparable when it comes to customization and features. The right choice here would probably depend on what you want to build. If you're a creative, Skillshare might be the better option at this point because of its creative-focused brand. For most types of courses, Udemy is a fine alternative.

Is Skillshare free for one month? ›

Get One Month Free from Skillshare. Thousands of classes. One inspiring membership. Learn at your own pace with hands-on creative classes.

What happens if you cancel Skillshare free trial? ›

We provide a refund on memberships charged after a 7-day free trial if you contact us within 7 days of the charge. We do not offer refunds on membership charges after a 14-day (or longer) free trial. We do not offer refunds on membership renewal charges.

How do I get a monthly subscription to Skillshare? ›

You can also subscribe for a Skillshare membership through the Google Play store or the Apple app store. These options will be subject to payment options they allow. We do not currently accept payments via iDEAL, MAESTRO, or prepaid cards. Payment methods are subject to geographic location.

What are the disadvantages of Skillshare? ›

Skillshare Cons

Outdated Content: Some courses are outdated. Checking reviews and upload dates is a must. Subscription Sneak-Up: If you snooze on canceling your free trial, you will be charged a subscription fee. Remember to cancel if you're not planning to become a paying member.

How to use Skillshare for free without credit card? ›

New members who click your free access link will be prompted to create a Skillshare account, but they won't need to enter any credit card information to watch your class. Existing members will be asked to sign in, but do not need an active subscription to watch via the free access link.

Is it hard to cancel Skillshare? ›

If you do not wish to become a paid member after your trial, you can cancel your membership by visiting the Membership & Payments under your Account Settings. Skillshare is not able to cancel, refund, or manage memberships purchased through the App Store or Google Play Store.

How much does Skillshare pay per course? ›

As a teacher, you get paid for the number of minutes watched by students in their classes each month. Teachers typically earn between $0.05 and $0.10 per minute-watched. This means that if your students watched 10K minutes of your class in the first month, you'd earn between $500 and $1,000.

How many courses can I take on Skillshare? ›

Unlimited access to our entire catalog of creative classes.

Explore tens of thousands of video-based classes on a wide range of creative disciplines from graphic design to photography to painting and illustration to interior design. Watch and learn from industry experts at your own pace!

How much are classes on Skillshare? ›

Skillshare Pricing

It's important to understand that these plans offer you both access to any course you would like to take as a student, and afford you the option of becoming a teacher. You can choose between an $8.25 per month fee that's billed annually at $99, or go for the $15 per month option charged monthly.


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