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1.1 Can you meet new people?

New friends

3 Circle the correct option.

a Hello, my name’s / are Jo. b Let me introduction / introduce you.c Nice to meet / meeting you.d Hi, Jo, I’m / name’s Clare.e Nice to meet you, / too / also.f Do you know / Are you knowing Jo?

4Unscramble the words to complete the introduction.

BILL: name’s / . / to / you / , / Bill / hello/ my / nice / meet / .

a ________________________________________KAREN: hi / too / . / you / Bill / nice / to /

meet / . b ________________________________________BILL: , / me / Karen / introduce / let / you

/ to / James / . c ________________________________________JAMES: meet / hello / you / , / nice / to / .d ________________________________________KAREN: to / you / nice / , / too / meet / .e ________________________________________

5 Complete the conversation using thewords below.

click link mouse send software web site

BILL: I want to (a) _________ an e-mail.TEACHER: OK, the (b) ____________ is already

installed, and the computer is on.B: Here’s the e-mail service

(c) ___________. What do I do now?T: Well, use the (d) ____________ to

(e) ____________ on this icon here.OK, now click here on this (f) ____________ and you can get an e-mail address!

Bill, 19Karen, 25James, 20

________: Hi, my name’s ________. Nice to (a) __________ you.

YOU: Hello, ________, I’m (b) ___________.Nice to meet you!

M: Where are you (c) __________?Y: (d) __________________, and

__________ are you from?M: I’m from Turkey. How (e) _________

are you?Y: (f) ____________________, and how

__________ you?M: I’m fifteen. What are your

(g) _________________?Y: (h) _____________________________.

2Match the questions to the answers.

a What’s your name? ____b Where are you from? ____c What’s your address? ____d How old are you? ____e What’s your e-mail address? ____f Which school do you go to? ____

1 It’s [emailprotected] I’m Caroline James.3 I’m sixteen.4 36 Rabbit Court, San Diego, California5 Trumont High School.6 I’m from California.






Hello, my name’s Bill. Nice to meet you.

1 Complete the dialogue using thesewords and your personal details.

about from hobbies meet old too where

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1.2 Vocabulary

New friends

1 Fill in the missing vowels.

a A w__e b s__i t__e is a great place to findinformation.

b I loved Sc__ __nc__ in school.c With a m__ __s__, it’s easy to use a computer.d I’ve upgraded the m__m__ry on my hard drive.e It’s amazing what they can do with new

t__chn__l__gy.f This new CAD pr__gr__m is fantastic!g My left sp__ __k__r isn’t working—the

sound is terrible.

2 Find the past tense of these verbs.

argue dislike enjoy find introduce like mean meet surf

5 Unscramble these words.

a A frequently asked question: QAF. ________b I hate the latest shofina. ________c Double ckilc. ________d My first pet was a hasterm. ________e The diaCnaan flag has a maple leaf on it.

________f alnilta pizza is the best. ________g The picalta of Egypt is Cairo. ________h I’m not tiqeu ready. ________

6 Match each word with the correctdefinition.

a webcam __4 1 a small animal, often keptas a pet

b Canadian __ 2 you use this to write on acomputer

c wheelchair __ 3 a sport played with aball

d Sweden __ 4 a small camera to sendphotos over the internet

e keyboard __ 5 country with the largestpopulation in the world

f soccer __ 6 a means of transport fordisabled people

g hamster __ 7 a Scandinavian country h China __ 8 a person from Canada


3 Which word is different? Why?

a canoeing capital rugby chess athletics _______________________________________

b future vegetables fruit fast food burgers_________________________________________

c independent friendly practical kind icon_______________________________________

d like dislike loyal hate love _______________________________________

e icon monitor Canadian speaker keyboard_______________________________________

4 Match these adjectives with theiropposites.

a friendlyb attractivec athleticd talle slimf loyalg shyh violent

1 outgoing2 peaceful3 disloyal4 short5 lazy6 unfriendly7 fat8 unattractive











The others are free-time activities.


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1.3 Can you describe your friends?

New friends

Unit11 Unscramble these words and match

them with the definitions.

a baodryek ___________ ____b mecwab _________ ____c feac-ot-ecfa _________ ____d tcreatiavt _________ ____e yeas onggi _________ ____f itf _________ ____

1 Used to write on a computer.2 Someone who is healthy and exercises.3 An internet camera for communicating.4 Looking at each other.5 Relaxed.6 Good-looking.

2 Classify these words.

athletic easygoing fit handsome beautifulindependent intelligent kind loyal shy thin

3 Write sentences about Anna and Nickusing like, dislike, love and hate.

a _________________________________________b _________________________________________c _________________________________________d _________________________________________e _________________________________________f _________________________________________g _________________________________________h _________________________________________


JESS: What’s your new boyfriend like then,Tracy?

TRACY: Well, He’s very (a) _____________, hecan fix anything! He loves sports,he’s really (b) _____________ and hegoes jogging every morning, so he’svery (c) _____________.

J: Wow! Does he like (d) _____________too?

T: Yes, he does! He loves (e) ____________ fashionable clothes,actually.

J: Cool! But, I bet he doesn’t likewatching those (f) ____________ quizprograms on TV as much as you!

T: No, he doesn’t, but he’s very (g) ______________ and relaxed aboutmost things …

J: Oh, lucky you! My boyfriend isalways criticizing me.

T: Well, maybe you should look for anew boyfriend!

athletic easy going fit Math practical shopping wearing

4 Complete the conversation with thesewords.















beautiful independent

Nick loves watching sports on TV.

What’s your new boyfriend like, Tracy?

Nick Anna

✔✔ ✘✘ watching sports on TV

✘✘ ✔✔ shopping for clothes

✔ ✘ dogs

✔✔ ✔✔ cars



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1.4 Reading and writing

New friends

1 Read this web chat and answer the questions.

a Who likes studying? _____________ e Who likes walking in the country? ______________

b Who lives in Canada? ______________ f Who likes forests? _______________

c Who likes History? ______________ g Who is from South America? _____________

d Who doesn’t like the rain? _____________

2 Unscramble the sentences and questions

a Vancouver / in / at / I’m / school /.________________________________________

b anybody / is / from / place / sunny / a / ?________________________________________

c hot / and / sunny / usually / Brazil / is / .________________________________________

d rain / in / being / the / doesn’t / like / she / .________________________________________

3 Imagine that you are on a web chat. Say hello to the other people and tell themabout yourself. Say where you live, what you like doing, and something about yourfamily.


e learning / likes /about / Fixx / people / .______________________________________

f countries / I / finding / about /out / like / .______________________________________

g why / I / like / that’s / web chats / .______________________________________


JD and Fixx.

I’m at school in Vancouver.

ANNIE Hi! Anyone there? I’m Annie and I’m at school in Vancouver. It’s coldand raining here today! Is there anybody from a hot and sunny placeout there?

SAL Hi, Annie, I’m Sal.ANNIE Sal? Is that like Sally? SAL No, my name’s Salvador. I’m in Brazil. It’s usually quite hot and sunny,

except in the rainy season! Don’t you like the rain, Annie?ANNIE Well, yes … sometimes. But I like riding and walking in the country, so

I don’t really like being in the rain then. Do you?SAL Well, we’ve got the rain forest here in Brazil. I love it. It’s amazing! I

love walking through the forest in the rainy season. I just love livinghere, really …

JD Hi, guys! I’m JD from Munich. I love riding, too, Annie, and I love theforests here in Germany. I think you’re lucky, Sal!

SAL Hi, JD. You speak English really well, I think! JD Thanks, Sal! I like studying, especially languages.FIXX Hello, everybody! My name’s Fixx. I’m in Oslo. I like studying, too, JD.JD Hi, Fixx. What do you like studying? FIXX I like learning about people and ideas … I think I like History best.ANNIE Me too, Fixx! I think it’s really interesting to find out what people did in

the past, and how different things were …SAL Yes, I like finding out things about people in different countries, too.

That’s why I like web chats … Hey, what about music …?

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1.5 Culture

New friends

Speed dating1Read the first paragraph of the article and answer the questions.

a What is speed dating? _______________________________________________________b Where did speed dating start? _______________________________________________c How much time have you got to talk to each person?___________________________

2 Read the rest of the article. Write true (T) or false (F). Correct the false sentences.

a If you want to take part in speed dating, go to the venue and register.___________________________________________________________________

b After seven minutes, you can stay with the same person if you like him or her.___________________________________________________________________

c You can give someone your phone number and address.___________________________________________________________________

d If you like someone, you tell the organizers.___________________________________________________________________

e You can’t take part in speed dating if you are nineteen.___________________________________________________________________

f You can take a friend with you when you go speed dating.___________________________________________________________________

g If you don’t go to the venue, the organizers will punish you.___________________________________________________________________


Speed dating

Speed dating started in the USA and quickly spread to other countries. The idea is to meet a number of different people in the same room. In a short time you must decide if you want to see them again in the future. You have just sevenminutes to talk to each person. After that time, you must end the conversation and move on to the next person.

How does speed dating work?

You can take part in speed dating now. Just register with us. It’s easy!We will tell you about your nearest speed dating venue. When you arrive, we give you a number and tell you where to sit.You have seven minutes to talk face-to-face with your partner. Find out as much as you can! After that time, you must move on and talk to a different person.Don’t exchange personal information (your address and phone number, for example). And it isn’t a good idea to talk about work or money!After a few conversations with different people, it’s time to make a decision. Who do you want to see again? Tell us (in secret, of course!).If that special person also wants to see you, don’t worry. We will send you an e-mail with all the contact details.

Your questions, our answers

– Who can take part?– Anybody over eighteen who wants to meet other people.

It doesn’t matter if you are shy, sociable, tall, short, black or white — everyone is welcome.– Can I go with a friend?– Yes, but they must register first. And don’t forget that the idea is to meet new people.– What happens if I get scared and don’t go to the venue?– Nothing! But you risk missing the man or woman of your life!

F – You must register on the web site first.

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2.1 Can you do a survey about routines?

Different lifestyles

a Jim visits his cousins_____________________________________

b Jim plays baseball_____________________________________

c Jim goes to computer club_____________________________________

d Jim washes his hair_____________________________________

e Jim eats fruit and vegetables_____________________________________

f Jim goes to the movies_____________________________________

5 Unscramble these sentences.

a to / bed / goes / he / usually / sister / his / after / . _________________________________________________________________

b lunch / have / never / they / two o’clock /before / . ___________________________________________________________________

c on / grandparents / visit /always / Sundays / our / us / . _________________________________________________________

d soccer / and / friends / I / on / play / my /playground / sometimes / the / . _______________________________________________

e often / their / my / homework / friends /with / I / help / . _____________________________________________________________

1 Put these words in the right place onthe line.

always never often sometimes usually

0% 100%


2Match the questions with the answers.

a Hey, Jen, do you usually finish your paperroute before eight? _____

b Do you meet your friends on theplayground before lunch? _____

c Do you ever go skateboarding? _____d Does Anne often wear clothes like

that? _____e Paul, are you often late for baseball

practice? _____

1 Yes, but she sometimes looks nicer. 2 No, never, but I sometimes go

snowboarding. 3 No, I always see them in the

cafeteria first. 4 Well, it depends. I’m usually on time, but

sometimes I miss the bus. 5 Yes, I usually finish by about six.

3Answer the questions about you.

a How often do you look in a mirror?_____________________________________

b How often do you eat pizza?_____________________________________

c How often do you exercise?_____________________________________

d How often do you cook? _____________________________________

e How often do you use a cell phone? _____________________________________

4 Look at this chart and complete thesentences.

Jim How often?

every day once a week once every three days once every two months

three times a week twice a month


He usually goes to bed after

his sister.

I look in a mirror twenty times a day!


once every three days.


visits his cousins ...

plays baseball …

goes to computer club …

washes his hair ...

eats fruits and vegetables …

goes to the movies ...

every seventy-two hours

two Fridays a month

on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

365 days a year

every eight weeks

on Saturday afternoons,fifty-two weeks a year

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2.2 Vocabulary

Different lifestyles

1 Complete the text with the missingwords.

chef gardener maid never once twice

Hi, my name’s Barry Booming and I live inSandy Hollow, Beverley Hills. My mom’s amovie director and my dad’s an actor. Actuallyhe’s quite famous. He won an Oscar last year.We live in an enormous mansion at the top ofa hill, overlooking the city.

My parents (a) __________ cook because wehave a French (b) __________, who preparesthe most wonderful food. My father (c) ____________ tried to make an omelette,but he burned it and we couldn’t eat it. We also have a (d) ___________, who comes (e) _________ a week, on Mondays andWednesdays, to clean up and do the ironing.Our (f) __________ takes care of the yard. Shehas a green thumb and the yard always looksgreat.

2 Match the words with their definitions.

a always ___1b nap ___c paper route ___d baseball ___e playground ___f chauffeur ___g chef ___

Unit23 Connect the two columns.

a car gas brake drive __5b clean iron dust tidy __c food dish dessert

kitchen __d usually often

always sometimes __e children swings

slide play __f newspaper delivery

route __g sleep dream

nightmare __

4 Find three adverbs of frequency andfive jobs from Unit 2.

5 Write the correct word on the lines.

always chef maid is busy once twice

a I play tennis a couple of times a week.______________

b I’ve only seen the sea one time in my life.______________

c My teacher has lots of things to do.______________

d My mother drives me to school every day.______________

e The person who cooks in this restaurant isfrom France. ______________

f A person who cleans the hotel room. ______________

1 chef

2 playground

3 nap

4 maid

5 chauffeur

6 never

7 paper route












1 the opposite of never2 a professional driver3 a short sleep4 home delivery of

newspapers5 a professional cook6 a popular ball game7 a place where

children play

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2.3 Can you find out what people are doing?

Different lifestyles

Unit21 Match the words with their


a This man organizes rich people’s houses andlives.

b This woman works in houses or hotels. c This person takes care of yards. d This person cooks in hotels or restaurants. e This is something you eat between meals. f This means a short sleep.

1 a snack 4 a chef2 a gardener 5 a maid 3 a nap 6 a butler

2 Complete the sentences with thesewords.

a ___________________________ the drinks.b ___________________________ the windows.c ___________________________ the car.d ___________________________ a nap.e ___________________________ cookies.f ___________________________ dinner.

3 Circle the correct option.

a I do / am doing my English homework onFriday nights.

b Sorry, he can’t, he takes / is taking a nap.c She’s busy, she studies / is studying for

an exam.d John puts out / is putting out the garbage for

recycling twice a week.e I decorate / am decorating my house

next week.f Are we meet / meeting them on Tuesday night?

butler chauffeur chef clean cook maidserve queen eat take visitors wash


’m watching

4 Complete the telephone conversation.

clean do go play meet take try watch

Monday evening – play basketball

Wednesday morning – clean rabbit cage

Thursday afternoon – study French

Friday evening – go to party

Saturday evening – have a pizza

JAN: Hello, Jan speaking.COLIN: Hi, this is Colin. What are you doing?J: I (a) ___________ TV, how about you?C: I (b) ___________ to organize the

computer club meeting. What are you (c) ___________ on Monday evening?

J: I (d) ___________ basketball. There’s abig game next month.

C: What about early Wednesday morning?J: I’m sorry, I can’t — I (e) ____________

my rabbit’s cage every Wednesdaymorning before school.

C: Well, how about Thursday afternoon?J: Oh, Colin, I’m sorry I can’t.

I (f) __________ French every Thursdayafternoon. My mom says I have to!

C: OK, what about Friday evening, then?J: We can’t, we (g) ___________ to

Jamie’s party. Don’t you remember?C: Yes, you’re right. I forgot! Well, when

can we meet?J: I (h) ____________ Beth for a pizza on

Saturday evening, but we can meet inthe morning or afternoon …

C: Great! Let’s make it at three at Pete’splace, OK? See you there!

5 Write true answers.

a What do you do on Saturday mornings?_______________________________________

b What are you doing tonight?_______________________________________

c What do you do after school?_______________________________________

d What are you doing next weekend?_______________________________________

e What do you do on Friday afternoons?_______________________________________

I clean my room and go shopping.


a b c

e f

The maid is serving

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2.4 Reading and writing

Different lifestyles

1 Match the pictures to the people.

2 Now answer these questions.

a What does Rickie do every day? ___________________________________________________________b Why is Rickie so busy? ___________________________________________________________________c How long are his language lessons?_________________________________________________________d What does he do twice a week?___________________________________________________________e What does he do to relax?________________________________________________________________f How often does he go running?____________________________________________________________g What time is his planning meeting?_________________________________________________________

3 Imagine that you are on a web chat. Say hello to the other people and tell themabout yourself. Say where you live, what you like doing, and say something aboutyour family.



Rickie Rich — This is your lifeRickie Rich is famous for being … rich! His father is an actor in Hollywood and his mother directsmovies. So what’s life like for Rickie? We asked some of the people who work for him.

a ____ Kiki, personal assistant: Every day is really busy for Rickie because so many people wantto be with him. We have a breakfast meeting every morning at half past eight, and we alwayscarefully plan everything he does.

b ____ Arnie, fitness trainer: Every morning before breakfast we train for thirty-seven minutes.It is important to be precise. Twice a week we swim, three times a week we run, the other dayswe play tennis or basketball. It is a very hard schedule but Rickie is very fit.

c ____ Guru Harbhajan Singh, meditation coach: There is a lot of stress in Rickie’s life, so wetry to find a way to relax. We usually meditate for an hour before lunch and sometimes, if Rickie’sday has been difficult, we do some yoga.

d ____ Mme. Cholet, private language tutor: Rickie is very enthusiastic about learninglanguages. He wants to enjoy all the countries he travels to. So we study every morning for anhour and a half. Rickie is always a good student.

e ____ Mr. Floyd, personal chef: It is very difficult to cook for Rickie. I never know what hewants! Sometimes for breakfast he only has a glass of orange juice and some yoghurt. Then thenext day he wants sausage, bacon and eggs, like a Texan!


He has a meeting, he trains and he has language classes.

1 2 3 4 5

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2.5 Culture

Different lifestyles

Crazy eventsPeople have some strange customs and traditions. Here are just a few.

1 Read the article and match the pictures and the paragraphs.

2 True (T) or false (F)? Correct the false sentences.

a The sea is usually warm at New Year in northern countries. ______________________________________________________________

b It’s a good idea to kiss the winner of the cane toad race.______________________________________________________________

c The participants of the boat regatta should know how to swim.______________________________________________________________

d After La Tomatina festival everyone is very clean.______________________________________________________________

3 Find adjectives that mean the following.

a very cold:______________, _____________ d very big: ________________,b dirty: _______________ ___________________c extraordinary: ________________ e silly: ___________________


F - Temperatures are often below freezing.

a Every year on New Year’s Day,when temperatures are oftenbelow freezing, members of thePolar Bears clubs in manynorthern countries go swimmingin icy water. They often do this forcharity but many of them say theyreally enjoy it.___

b La Tomatina is a festival thattakes place every year in Buñol,a small town in Spain. A hugetruck arrives loaded with ripetomatoes. For two hours everyonethrows squashed tomatoes at each

other. “It’s kind of messy but lotsof fun!” said one elderly lady.___

c Cardboard boat regattas are heldduring the summer on lakes andrivers in the USA. All boats haveto be made out of cardboard.Prizes are awarded for the fastestand the most beautiful, and for themost spectacular sinking.___d At the Ascot annual horse race,women compete to see who canwear the most ridiculous orunusual hat. Some hats, for

example, are made in the form ofchimneys or soccer balls. It givesthe rich ladies a chance to showtheir sense of humor.___e People everywhere love towatch animal races: horses, dogsand even pigs. In Australia theyrace cane toads. Cane toads arelarge, poisonous frogs. Someonecollects them and puts them in abucket. Then they are numberedand turned loose. The toadsprobably don’t care who wins.___






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3.1 Can you talk about what happened yesterday?

The champions

4 Look at the pictures and write sentencesabout where Elena was yesterday.

a ______________________________________b ______________________________________c ______________________________________d ______________________________________e ______________________________________

5 Expand these sentences.

a you / take a bath / yesterday / ? ______________________________________

b you / score a goal / yesterday / ?______________________________________

c you / study new soccer tactics / yesterday / ? __________________________________________________________________

d your sister / drive you / stadium /yesterday / ? _________________________________________________________________

e your boyfriend / cook you / a meal /yesterday / ? __________________________________________________________________

2Unscramble these questions.

a match / of / the / was / who / player / the / ?______________________________________

b were / offside / why / you / ? ____________________________________________________________________________

c goals / the / half / there / how / in / were/ first / many / ?____________________________________________________________________________

d the / penalties / in / half / there / how /were / many / second / ? ____________________________________________________________________________

e there / time / why / any / extra / wasn’t / ?____________________________________________________________________________

3Match these answers with thequestions in Activity 2.

1 I’m not sure why there wasn’t any. ___2 Because I was running for the ball and

I fell. ___3 There were three penalties in the second

half. ___4 John was the player of the match. ___5 There weren’t any. ___

1Unscramble these words. Then match them to the definitions.

a ceosr ___________ _____b lpreay fo eht chtma ___________ _____c xater eitm ___________ _____d naeptyl ___________ _____e nafs ___________ _____f teg gdechna ___________ _____g suatdmi ___________ _____

1 The place where the game is played.2 The people who like a particular team.3 The best player in a game.4 When the match or game goes on longer.5 A free kick.6 Put clothes on.7 The number of points or goals the teams


Who was the player of the match?


At quarter to seven she was taking a shower.

Did you take a bath yesterday?


score 7

6 Answer the questions in Activity 5using these prompts.

a ✘ ____________________________________b ✔ (two) ______________________________c ✔ ____________________________________d ✘ (my father) __________________________e ✔ ____________________________________

No, I didn’t. I took a shower.






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3.2 Vocabulary

The champions

1 Match these words with the pictures.

a a score _____ b a medal _____c a whistle _____d gymnastics _____e a stadium _____f crutches _____g disabled _____

2 Circle the correct option.

a We … our opponents 3–0.1 beat 2 won 3 lost

b The final … was 112–25.1 goal 2 score 3 game

c The player was … .1 outside 2 inside 3 offside

d The referee blew the final … .1 flute 2 whistle 3 pipe

e The … of the game was very exciting. 1 first man 2 first 3 first half

f The soccer … was completely full.1 court 2 stadium 3 hall

Unit33 Write true (T) or false (F).

Then correct the false ones.

a A triathlete competes in four different sports.______________________________________________________________________________

b If you are competitive, you hate to win. ___________________________________________

c A javelin is a short piece of wood or metalfor throwing. __________________________ _______________________________________

d A champion is someone who beats everyoneelse. __________________________________________________________________________

e The kickoff is at the beginning of a game. _________________________________________

f We use crutches if we have a broken arm. _________________________________________

g If you respect someone, then you alwayslaugh at them. _________________________________________________________________

4 Find seven words related to soccer.

5 Fill in the missing vowels.

a I’m swimming in the n_a_t_i_ _o_n_a_lchampionships next week.

b The wh__stl__ blew to show a penalty.c We must r__sp__ct all cultures and races. d Chicago b__ __t Los Angeles in the World

Seriese If you sh__ __t they will hear you next door.f The player was sent out for using unfair



F - A triathlete competes

in three different sports











1 2

3 4






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3.3 Can you talk about your abilities? Unit31 Match these sports with the correct


a tennis _______b horseback riding _______c gymnastics _______d basketball _______e walking _______f karate _______g skiing _______h golf _______i swimming _______j judo _______k running _______

2 Write sentences about what Mariacan do now and what she could dowhen she was four.

at four now

tie her shoelaces ✘ ✔

play basketball ✘ ✔

ride a bike ✔ ✔

climb mountains ✘ ✔

play the piano ✔ ✔

stand on her head ✘ ✔

a ______________________________________________________________________________

b ______________________________________________________________________________

c ______________________________________________________________________________

d ______________________________________________________________________________

e ______________________________________________________________________________

f ______________________________________________________________________________

do go play

She can tie her shoelaces now. She couldn’t

tie her shoelaces when she was four.

3 Complete this conversation withthese words.

JAMES: (a) ________ you do a handstand,Maria?

MARIA: No, I (b) ______________ when I wasyounger, but I (c) _____________ now.I get dizzy! How about you?

J: Yes, I (d) _________________, but I (e) _________________ when I wasyounger. What about swimming? (f) ________________ you swim whenyou were five?

M: Yes, I (g) _____________ and I still can!I’m very (h) _______________, and I’mregional and national juniorswimming champion!

J: Cool!

4 Complete these sentences with trueinformation about yourself.

a When I was four I could _________________b When I was eleven I couldn’t _____________

_______________________________________c I can __________________________________d I can’t _________________, but I can ______

_______________________________________e I can _________________ now, but I couldn’t

when I was ____________________________f I couldn’t ____________________ when I was

seven, but I can now.

can can can’t competitive couldcould could couldn’t



play ball.

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3.4 Reading and writing

1 Match each picture to the correct paragraph.

2 Now answer these questions.

a Where was Nelson Mandela born? _________________________________________________________b What is the title of the book he wrote about his life? _________________________________________c What does apartheid mean? ______________________________________________________________d Why couldn’t Nelson Mandela do a lot to help people during the 1940s and 1950s?

________________________________________________________________________________________e Did Nelson Mandela ever give up hope? ____________________________________________________f When did he win the Nobel Prize? _________________________________________________________


Many people think Nelson Mandela is the most important leader in history. This is because hetried to improve conditions, not only for black people in South Africa, but for everybody all overthe world.a _____ When he became the first democratically elected black President of South Africa in 1994,it was another step in an extraordinary journey. His autobiography, A Long Walk to Freedom, talksabout this journey, which began when he was born in 1918 in a village called Qunu. His fatherwas a Chief of the Tembu tribe.b ____ He was a special person from an early age. When Nelson was a child, almost no blackchildren could go to school, but Mandela studied and became a lawyer. This was very useful tohim when he started his fight against apartheid, the separation of black and white people in allareas of society, which began in South Africa in the 1940s.c ____ Nelson fought hard to help people. In the 1940s and 1950s he talked about education,formed organizations and led protests, but legally he couldn’t do much because black people didnot have the same rights as white people. d ____ The government put Nelson in prison in 1962. At first it was for five years; then theychanged the sentence to life imprisonment. Mandela never gave up his belief that freedom andequality for everybody was right. e ____ Eventually, the political system changed and Mandela’s resistance, even while he was in jail,was an important reason for this change. He was released in 1990 after almost twenty-eight yearsin prison. Three years later, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. Mandela was truly achampion of the people.


In a village called Qunu in South Africa.




4 5

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3.5 Culture

Famous disabled people

1Read the article and answer the questions.

a What happened to Beethoven as a young man? _____________________________________________b What did he do after that? _______________________________________________________________c When did Helen Keller lose her sight and hearing? _________________________________________d Where has Itzhak Perlman performed? _____________________________________________________e What is he an advocate for? ______________________________________________________________f Which word does not describe Stephen Hawking: mathematician, writer, politician? __________________g What does Stephen Hawking use to talk? _____________________________________________________

2 Find words that mean the following:

a a person who writes music __________________b unable to move __________________c a discovery _________________d someone who supports a cause _________________e brave _________________f a university teacher _________________

3 Think of some well-known disabled people. Make a list and compare with two or threestudents. Did you think of the same people?


Throughout history courageous people have not let their physical impediments stop them from fulfilling their dreams.They did or are doing great things, in spite of their disabilities.

A famous person from the past is Beethoven, one of the greatest composers of all times. When he was only fouryears old, he showed a love for music, and his father began to teach him to play the piano and violin. As a young manBeethoven began to lose his hearing, and some years later became totally deaf. But he still continued to composemusic. In fact, during this time he wrote some of his greatest works, which he was never able to hear performed.

Helen Keller was born in 1880, in Alabama. When she was nineteen months old, she became ill with a high feverand lost her sight and hearing; she was left in a dark, soundless world. Anne Sullivan came to teach Helen tocommunicate. After long months, she was finally able to teach Helen the word “water” by finger spelling on her hand.This was an important breakthrough—a miracle had happened! From then on, Helen learned quickly and eventuallyattended Radcliffe College.

Born in 1945 in Israel, Itzhak Perlman is one of the world’s greatest violinists. He became sick with polio at theage of four and his legs were permanently paralyzed. Nevertheless, he began his music career at the Tel-AvivAcademy of Music. Mr. Pearlman has won many awards and has played with every major orchestra in events all overthe world. He performs his music while seated and walks with crutches. He is a well-known advocate for people withdisabilities.

Stephen Hawking is a Mathematics professor at Cambridge University. He became famous in 1988 when he wroteA Brief History of Time. The book tries to explain how the universe began. Professor Hawking is almost totallyparalyzed as a result of a motor neurone disease and he uses a voice synthesizer to speak. His brain, however, is asactive as ever. He is still writing today.

Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (17)

17D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

4.1 Can you talk about your intentions?

Money talks

3Write what she is going to do.

a ______________________________________

b ______________________________________

c ______________________________________

d ______________________________________

4 Expand these sentences about Jill’sintentions and promises.

a She / not going to / lazy. ______________________________________

b She / going to / homework. ______________________________________

c She / not going to / waste time. ______________________________________

d She / not going to / bed late. ______________________________________

e She / going to / healthy food. ______________________________________

5 Write five intentions for yourself fornext month.

a ______________________________________

b ______________________________________

c ______________________________________

d ______________________________________

e ______________________________________

eat junk food go to bed early play computer games practice a sport

1 Expand the questions, then unscramblethe answers.

a Tom, / borrow / toothbrush / ? no, / can’t / you / !____________________________________________________________________________

b Tom, / lend / your homework / ? here / you / are / sure, / .____________________________________________________________________________

c Tom, / borrow / 50 dollars / ? but / yesterday / lent / you / I / 20 / !____________________________________________________________________________

d Becky / lend / sneakers / ? sorry, / them / I / but / need / .____________________________________________________________________________

e Becky / borrow / handkerchief / ? I’m / don’t / one / I / afraid / have / !____________________________________________________________________________

2Match the offers and promises.

a These drums are really heavy! ___b Someone is ringing the doorbell! ___c The plane leaves really early, we should

check in at six a.m. ___d Did you know it was Sarah’s birthday on

Friday? ___e I really can’t understand this Math

homework! ___f I can’t dance, I don’t like people watching

me! ___

1 Don’t worry, I’ll help you later.

2 Never mind, I won’t look!

3 Don’t worry, I won’t be late!

4 Really? I’ll buy her a present on the wayhome.

5 I’ll carry them for you!6 I’ll answer it!

I’m going to paint my room.

She’s not going to be lazy.


She’s going to practice a sport.

Tom, can I borrow your toothbrush?

No, you can’t!


a b



Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (18)

18 D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

4.2 Vocabulary

Money talks

1 Complete the text with the missingwords.

a I had a delicious plate of ___yst___rs at thebeach.

b Can I b___ ___r___ ___ your new bike?c Money is the root of all ___v___l.d The results of the s___rv___y were very

surprising.e She packed her s___ ___tc___s___ yesterday.f I need a h___ndk___rch___ ___f to blow my nose.g My mother gives me an a___l___ ___ a___ ___e

every week.

2 Match the words with their definitions.

a oysters ___b suitcase ___c allowance ___d strangers ___e junk food ___f makeup ___g mall ___

1 food that isn’t nutritional2 seafood that can produce a pearl from a

grain of sand3 a place to shop4 a small amount of money some children

receive weekly5 something to pack clothes in6 people who don’t know each other7 colors that we put on our faces

3 Connect the words.

a eye-shadow lipstick mascara ___b 2 dollars weekly parents ___c baseball soccer tennis ___d handbag necklace scarf ___e small medium large ___f vacations pack clothes ___g shrimp fish crab ___

1 allowance2 oyster3 size4 makeup5 suitcase6 accessories7 sports


5 Read the clues and complete thewords.

a __moun__ a long-established customb p__zz__ __s very good, tastyc __idn__gh__ limbs of treesd __ran__hes a quantitye tr__diti__n a door or opening

f __nt__an__e a plant that grows in theocean

g __eli__iou__ things that must be solved

h __e__w__ed exactly 12:00 a.m.

4 Fill in the blanks with these words.

People in Japan spend weeks planning the NewYear’s (a) ____________ They clean their homesand prepare (b) __________________ food. Theyalso hang (c)_________________ made of pinebranches and (d) _______________ at the(e)_________________ of the house to bringgood luck and health. Before the end of theyear they forgive their family and friends forany (f) ___________________ they may havehad during the year. At (g)______________ onNew Year’s Eve, the temple bells or (h) _____________ ring 108 times to chaseaway 108 problems. Then everyone laughs alot because (i)_________________ drives awaythe (j) ______________ spirits.

evil seaweed laughter midnightcelebrations disagreement entrance

decorations gong traditional




a t



Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (19)


4.3 Can you talk about allowances?

Money talks

Unit41 Put these words in the right place.

a Pay for things: ________________.b You find out people’s opinions by asking

questions in a _____________________.c Another word for the results of a survey:

_____________________.d More or less: _____________________.e Every week: _____________________.f What girls or women put on their faces to

look prettier: _____________________.g The opposite of good: __________________.h Another word for shopping center:


2 Circle the correct answer.

a The average age of the children in the surveyis ten / twelve / eleven and a half.

b The average age to start getting anallowance is seven / eight / seven and a half.

c The average amount of money is 6.00 /7.50 / 8.50 dollars.

d The boys spend most of their allowance onthings to eat and drink / accessories.

e The girls spend most of their allowance onthings to eat and drink / accessories.

around mall conclusions evil makeup spend money on

survey weekly

3 Complete the conversation withthese words.

JOSH: How (a) _______ allowance do youget, Marcia?

MARCIA: Well, not very (b) _________! I onlyget five dollars a week, but I get quite (c) _________ more when I help mymom and dad. How about you?

J: I get ten dollars a week.M: Wow! How (d) __________ chores do

you do at home? J: My mom says I don’t do (e) __________!

Actually, I don’t do very much workaround the house on school days, butI do (f) __________ more on weekends.What about you?

M: Well, I do (g) ___________ things, andmy sister does other things aroundthe house, but only on weekends.

4 Complete these sentences with is or are.a Homework ______ a necessary evil!b Clothes ______ an important way of showing

who we are.c Fast food ______ bad for you.d Candy ______ yummy!e Lemonade ______ horrible!f PC games _______ expensive.g Music ______ my life!h Fashion ______ for idiots!

5 Circle the correct option.

a She doesn’t have enough / too much money. She can’t come.

b He has a lot of / too many friends—he’slucky!

c They have too much / a lot of things to dobefore they can go home.

d We don’t have enough / many eggs to makea cake.

e You don’t have a lot of / enough clothes, let’sgo and buy some new ones!

f I don’t have enough / many time to finish this!

a lot a lot enoughmany much some

muchspend money on





5 dollars


7 dollars


first get



7 8 7 8









spent on

candy, makeup,hairthings


food,drink,candy, PCgames


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Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (20)

20 D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

4.4 Reading and writing

Money talks

1 Match the headings to the paragraphs.

Work and war Money makes the world go around! From stage to screen Problems around the world

2 Write true (T) or false (F).

a Cabaret is a movie about a man from Berlin. _____b Adolf Hitler became the leader of Germany because he said he would help people. _____c Hitler spent lots of money making military machinery and weapons. _____d Hitler’s Nazi party was popular in the 1920s. _____e Cabaret was a success first in the 1970s. _____f The song Money, Money is from the original show. _____

3 Write sentences using this information.

a Cabaret / movie / 1930s ___________________________________________________________________b Hitler / promised / problems ______________________________________________________________c countries / Europe / afraid / Hitler _________________________________________________________d Cabaret / novel / musical / movie ____________________________________________________________e Money, Money / famous / important _______________________________________________________


a __________________________________________ Cabaret is a famous movie that is set in Berlin during the GreatDepression in the 1930s, a period when there was poverty andfinancial difficulties all over the world. It was during this time that AdolfHitler came to power in Germany, because he promised the peoplehe could solve their problems. b __________________________________________ In the end, instead of helping the German people, his actionscontributed to the beginning of the Second World War. One of thereasons for this was that he employed lots of people in the factoriesto make weapons. That meant that people in Germany had work,but other countries in Europe became afraid of what Hitler was goingto do. They were right to be afraid. During the 1930s Hitler brokelots of promises and began to invade countries around Germany.c __________________________________________ The story of Cabaret was written by a man who had lived in Berlin during the 1920s. It takes placeat the beginning of the 1930s, when Hitler’s Nazi party was becoming very strong. Before beingmade into a movie, Cabaret was a novel and then a musical for the stage. It was written during the1960s and was a great success. d __________________________________________

It was even more successful when it was turned into a moviein the 1970s starring the famous actress and singer LizaMinelli. One of the most famous songs from the movie — it is not in the original musical — is called Money, Money.This song tells us that money is the most important thingin the world for many people. Certainly, when people don’t have money, it can cause manyproblems.

Cabaret is a famous movie, set in the 1930s.


Problems around the world.

Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (21)


4.5 Culture

Money talks

Brand names1Which companies do you associate with these words?

a drink software fast food jeans sportswear

a Nike __ b Pepsi __ c Levi’s __ d McDonald’s __ e Microsoft __

2How do you say these words in your language?

a brand name _______________ d advertising ______________b sponsorship ________________ e promotion ______________c advertisem*nt _______________ f logo _______________

3 Read the article and write the missing words. Use the picture clues to help you.

4Write true (T) or false (F). Correct the false sentences.

a Nobody complains about the number of advertisem*nts. ________________________________________________________________________________________

b Advertisers must try harder now to make their products memorable. ________________________________________________________________________________________

c Nobody uses advertising at public events.________________________________________________________________________________________

d Soon we will see advertising on spaceships.________________________________________________________________________________________

e Pepsi wants to sell their drink to people living on the moon.________________________________________________________________________________________


Nowadays there is a lot of advertising on (a) _________ Some (b) _________

say there is far too much advertising. With all the competition, brand names must look for new ways to get

into our (c) ______________ . A recent survey found that the average

(d) _________ encounters 1,500 examples of brand promotion every day.

Corporate sponsorship in the (e) _____________ has gone up by 700% in the past fifteen years.

We see it at all public events. Here are just two examples of extreme sponsorship:

One of the most fashionable (f) __________ in Toronto was painted silver for a whole

(g) __________ by Levi’s to promote its Silver Tab (h) __________ . NASA

has said that it is going to accept advertisem*nts on all future (i) _____________ flights.

By the way, we already know that Pepsi wants to project the Pepsi logo onto the (j) ________ !


F - Some people say there is too much advertising.

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Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (22)

Unit5Important moments

22 D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

5.1 Can you talk about a night out?

1 Unscramble the words and matchthem to the pictures.

a ocppnor ___________ __1_b enli _____________ __c hcneag ____________ __d nrtfo ______________ __e cbka ______________ __f ewervi _____________ __




3 Unscramble the conversations.

a – night / out / , / Dad / can / go / I /tomorrow / ?

– can’t / you / , / no / !______________________________________________________________________________

b – not / but / why / ? – you / school / because / day / the /

have / next / !______________________________________________________________________________

c – night / on / , / Mom / out / I / go / can/ Friday / ?

– you / every / go / nearly / out / night / !______________________________________________________________________________

d – special / this / is / but / ! – be / before / back / you / can / if /

eleven / home / .______________________________________________________________________________

4 Complete this e-mail with the correctforms.

arrange arrange call furious gladgrounded popcorn promise line

2 Put the dialogues in the correct order.

a __________ 1 Round trip, please.__________ 2 A ticket to downtown,

please __________ 3 That’ll be $2.70, please.__________ 4 One way or round trip?

b __________ 1 That’s $2.50 please.__________ 2 A large cola and some

popcorn, please.__________ 3 No, thanks.__________ 4 Here you are. Anything else?__________ 5 Medium.__________ 6 What size?

c __________ 1 On the aisle or in the center?__________ 2 On the aisle, please.__________ 3 Hey! Don’t forget your change!__________ 4 In the front, please.__________ 5 Would you prefer to sit near

the front or at the back?


File Print Send Attach Reply Forward Cancel Address

➧ X

To: [emailprotected]: [emailprotected]: Last nightHi Liv,How RU? Did you go out last night? I did! I (a) __________ Jo and (b) __________ to meet him atthe baseball game. When I got there he wasstanding in (c) __________ to buy tickets! Before wewent in we bought a cold drink and (d) __________.The game was amazing. I’m really (e) __________ Iwent, but my brother was (f) __________! It is hisfavorite team and he really wanted to go, but he is (g) _________ for a week because he got into troubleat school! I (h) __________ to buy him a T-shirt, butthere weren’t any left so I got him a baseball capinstead. OK, call me on the weekend and we’ll (i) __________ to go out somewhere really cool! Jan XXXX

Dad, can I go out tomorrow night?

No, you can’t!






Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (23)

Unit55.2 Vocabulary

Important moments


1 Circle the different word and say why.

a change single return millenium_______________________________________

b bullets aisle hero shoot_______________________________________

c review publish scene popcorn_______________________________________

d popcorn line grounded hero_______________________________________

e sad furious glad crawl_______________________________________

4 Correct the following sentences. Use these words to help you.

a Fireworks were invented in Spain._______________________________________

b An alley is a type of dog._______________________________________

c Popcorn is made from olives._______________________________________

d A millennium is every hundred years._______________________________________

e Babies run first, then walk._______________________________________

f She’s glad because she lost her job._______________________________________

China corn crawl furious street thousand

2 Circle the correct option.

a There was a long … for the movie.1 line 2 walk 3 file

b The car chase … was really exciting.1 scenery 2 scene 3 arena

c My mother’s … me for a month.1 landed 2 promised 3 grounded

d Can I have a … ticket to Chicago, please?1 change 2 round trip 3 fare

e The … lit up the whole sky.1 fireworks 2 fire brigade 3 firelights

f The movie’s … were really original.1 suits 2 costumes 3 fancy-dress

3Match these words with their definitions.

a review ___b grounded ___c costumes ___d popcorn ___e glad ___f bullet ___g furious ___

1 a snack eaten at the movies2 another word for very angry3 when you are not allowed to go out4 a written opinion about a movie, play or book5 another word for happy6 special clothes worn in a movie or play7 a small piece of metal used in a gun

5 Find the past tenses of these verbs.

arrange change ground promisepublish write return review shoot






















































































































The others are all related to traveling.

Fireworks were invented in China.



D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (24)

Unit5Important moments

24 D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

5.3 Can you talk about your favorite movie moments?

1 Unscramble the words and matchthem to the sentences.

a lnmeminliu ___________ __b soeifrwrk _____________ __c sllbuet _______________ __d rsiwhpe ______________ __e rawcl ________________ __f otohs ________________ __g senecs _______________ __

1 The opposite of shout is … .2 These come from guns and can kill people.3 The year 2000 was the first year of the

new … .4 Babies who can’t walk yet do this.5 Books have chapters, movies have … .6 This is what you do with a gun.7 These are colorful and noisy, and visible in

the sky on special occasions.

3 Complete the dialogue with was/were.

TED: What (a) _________ you doing last NewYear’s Eve?

BEN: I can’t really remember, I think we (b) _________ having a family party at Dawn’s house … I know we (c) ________ n’t doing anything special. How about you?

TED : I remember it very well, because I (d) ______ playing cards with my cousinall night! We (e) ___________ having acontest. I (f) _________ winning andGeorge (g) _________ furious!

5 Write sentences from the promptsusing past simple and past continuous.

a The heroine / stand in the arena / when /six lions / appear.______________________________________________________________________________

b She / kick / two of the aliens while / he /look for a way out._______________________________________

c While / the hero / fight / the killer spiders /his friend / climb the walls._______________________________________

d The enemy / shoot him / while / crawl along the roof._______________________________________

e The bullets / miss him / when / he / run away._______________________________________

f I / watch the fireworks / while / my friends / buy drinks. _______________________________________

2 Circle the correct option.

a She was watching TV after / while she wasdoing her homework.

b The tiger tried to catch him if / when heran past.

c The hero was crawling along the roof while / when he heard a noise above him.

d Tell me the answer, and run over there,when / while I write it down.

e Don’t run up the stairs while / when yourgrandmother’s walking down them!

f They were fighting as / when their teachercame in.

4 Look at the pictures and writesentences about what was happeninglast New Year’s Eve.

a George and Ted _______________________ _______________________________________

b Mom and Dad ________________________________________________________________

c David and Veronica ____________________________________________________________

d Sandra ________________________________________________________________________



Mom Dad




The heroine was standing in the arena

when six lions appeared.


Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (25)


Unit55.4 Reading and writing

Important moments

1 Read the text — it is a true story! Then correct the sentences below that are false.

3 Has there been a moment that changed your life? When was it? Did you meetsomebody famous? Or perhaps you found something unexpected.

The moment that changed my life was _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________It happened when ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________It changed my life because ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2 Match the two halves of these sentences.

The moment that changed Mandy Moore’s life was completely unexpected.

“I know everyone says that,” she says, “but it’s absolutely true! One minute I wasthere watching a TV program, and the next I’m in Hollywood!”

Mandy worked in a bank in a small town. She had a quiet life, living with her family,(she didn’t earn enough money to buy her own house) and watching TV with a fewgood friends from school.

“We used to get together sometimes in the evenings. Our favorites were the showswhere real people go on and talk about their lives … and their loves. Sometimes theyeven start fighting. It’s crazy.”

One day, one of Mandy’s friends told her that they had tickets to see their favoriteshow — Oprah — being recorded in the studio.

“I was so excited I couldn’t sit still in the studio. When Oprah asked the audience ifanybody could do anything a bit strange, I shouted: I can make animal noises! Well Ican — all my life I could do animal noises.”

“So I did it, co*ck-a-doodle-doo!”

I made a sound. My friends were so embarrassed, but Oprah thought it was fantastic,and she asked me to come down and do it again. The audience loved it!

The TV and radio stations loved it, too. When the program finished, Mandy had offersof work from five different stations! Now she works in Hollywood interviewing famouspeople about movies and TV—including an actor who asked her to marry him!

“Of course I said yes. It’s a dream come true—all because I made that stupid noise.What a moment!”

a Mandy knew her life was going to change. ________________________b Mandy lived with her friends. ________________________c Mandy and her friends used to fight when they watched TV. ________________________d Mandy wasn’t shy when they went to the TV studio. ________________________e Her friends didn’t like Mandy making the noises. ________________________f Mandy met her husband in Hollywood. ________________________

a Mandy lived with her parents because __b Mandy and her friends especially liked __c She couldn’t sit still in the studio because __d She has been able to do animal noises __e The TV studios thought she was funny so __f Mandy’s life changed when __

1 she did something stupid on TV.2 programs about the lives of ordinary people.3 they asked her to work for them.4 she was nervous and happy.5 she didn’t have a lot of money.6 since she was very young.

didn’t know



D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (26)

Unit5Important moments

26 D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

5.5 Culture

Shakespeare and the Globe Theater

1 What do you know about Shakespeare?

a What was his first name? ______________________b What did he not write: plays, advertisem*nts, poetry, movie scripts? ________________c Complete the titles of his plays: __ a m l e t, __ __ __ __ __ and __ __ __ __ __ __ , __ __ __ __ __ __ __ .

William Shakespeare was one of the

world’s greatest creative writers. He

lived and wrote at the same time as

Miguel Cervantes, author of Don

Quixote. They died in the same year.

Shakespeare wrote nearly forty plays and

many sonnets and other poems. As a

young man, he went to London and

joined an actors’ company, where he

acted and wrote plays. Eventually, he

became the manager of the company.

The first Globe Theater, where

Shakespeare’s company performed, was

built in 1599 in London near the River

Thames. Unfortunately, it was destroyed

in a fire in 1613.

The latest Globe Theater, completed in

1996, is near the site of the old one. The

builders used original materials and

techniques. There is room for 1,500

people, including standing room for 500.

The audience takes part in the play as

they did in the 1590s — shouting and

warning the actors of possible danger.

Watching Hamlet, Macbeth or Romeo

and Juliet at the Globe is great fun and

a truly interactive experience.

2 Read the brochure and see if you were right.

3 Answer the questions.

a Which famous person was writing at the same time as Shakespeare?________________________________________________________________________________

b Which jobs did Shakespeare not do? Actor, builder, writer or manager?________________________________________________________________________________

c What happened to the original Globe Theater?________________________________________________________________________________

d How is the new building similar to the old one?________________________________________________________________________________

e How are modern audiences similar to those in Shakespeare’s time?________________________________________________________________________________

H R o J t M h

Miguel Cervantes.

Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (27)


Unit66.1 Can you talk about your feelings?

Reading the signs

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

1 Unscramble these words. Then matchthem with the definitions below.

a eugstesr ___________ __b ejetcr______________ __c irengo _____________ __d dofncuse___________ __e reridtiat____________ __f odrriew____________ __g rsosc ______________ __

1 Another word for annoyed.2 The opposite of accept. 3 When you pretend someone isn’t there. 4 When you are angry or irritated you are … .5 Movements of hands or head to show

feelings. 6 When you keep thinking about a problem

you are … .7 When you don’t know what to do or don’t

understand, you are … .

2 Match the two halves of thesesentences.

a We turn away from someone if __b When people have a lot of problems

problems, __c He frowns if __d She rejects people if __e If their team wins a match, __

1 she’s feeling depressed. 2 they get confused. 3 he feels angry. 4 we are ignoring them. 5 they get excited.

3 Write what you do when you feel ... .

a excited _______________________________________________________________________

b irritated ______________________________________________________________________

c relaxed _______________________________________________________________________

d puzzled ______________________________________________________________________

e worried ______________________________________________________________________

f bored ________________________________________________________________________

4 Make sentences from the prompts.

a He / lie down / when / feel lazy. _______________________________________

b If he / interested in someone / make eyecontact._______________________________________

c When he / excited / he / dance around thehouse._______________________________________

d He / turn away / if / bored._______________________________________

e He / not make gestures / when / tired._______________________________________

f He / not tired / if / go to bed beforemidnight._______________________________________

5 Label the pictures with these words.

a _________________ c _________________b _________________ d _________________



depressed interested puzzled relaxed


gestures 5


When I feel excited, I jump up

and down!


He lies down when he feels lazy.

Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (28)

Unit6Reading the signs

28 D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

6.2 Vocabulary

1 Circle the correct answer.

a If you are depressed, you are … .1 pleased 2 sad 3 angry

b A magpie is a type of … .1 bird 2 car 3 game

c Clover is a type of … .1 tree 2 bird 3 plant

d If you are cross, you are … .1 angry 2 unhappy 3 happy

e An umbrella is used to keep you … .1 warm 2 wet 3 dry

f If you are puzzled, you … .1 understand 2 are confused 3 are frightened

2 Unscramble the following words.

a I found a four-leaf vocler __________ in theyard yesterday.

b Oh dear, you’ve pillsde __________ the salt,that’s bad luck.

c I’ve been jectered ___________ at thatschool, my grades weren’t good enough.

d She completely nogierd ___________ me,she didn’t even say hello.

e I’m really redob ___________. There’snothing to do.

f I’ve been tecepacd ___________ at theuniversity. I start in October.

g Oh dear, it’s raining and I’ve forgotten my brellaum ___________.

4 Complete the sentences with thesewords.

a I saw a beautiful black and white _________in the yard today.

b Will you stand up straight. Don’t _________on the wall!

c _______ is a small plant that can be lucky if it has four leaves.

d The window cleaner needed a ___________to clean the upstairs windows.

e I’ve just been on vacation at the beach. I swam, slept and ate a lot. It was so___________.

clover ladder lean magpie relaxing

5 Write the past simple and -ing formof these verbs.

past -inga fold ____________ ____________b cross ____________ ____________c accept ____________ ____________d reject ____________ ____________e ignore ____________ ____________f depress ____________ ____________g confuse ____________ ____________h excite ____________ ____________i relax ____________ ____________j irritate ____________ ____________k bore ____________ ____________l contradict ____________ ____________

3 Match the words on the left with thegroup of words on the right.

a horseshoe __2 1 opposite not agree conflictb superstition __ 2 race horse ridec contradict __ 3 wet rain bad weatherd belief __ 4 religion God church e ladder __ 5 movement generous hand f gesture __ 6 climb rung go up/downg umbrella __ 7 black cat lucky clover



folded folding

Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (29)

Unit66.3 Can you talk about what will happen?

Reading the signs


1 Write these words in the correctplace.

a You use an ________ in the rain.b A black and white _______________ flew past.c You use a ___________________ to climb. d You can ______________ liquid from a cup.e ___________ is when you believe in magic. f If you find a_____________ with four

leaves, you’ll have good luck!g You ____________ when you say that what

someone else has said is wrong.

clover contradict ladder magpie spill superstition umbrella

2 Expand these sentences.

a right ear itches / something good / happen ______________________________________________________________________________

b drop a fork / man / visit_______________________________________

c stand in a doorway / not get married_______________________________________

d bottom of your right foot / itch / take a trip_______________________________________

e cheeks suddenly feel hot / somebody / talk about you______________________________________________________________________________

f drop a comb / while / comb your hair / a disappointment / come______________________________________________________________________________

3 Finish these sentences. What do you think will happen?

a If we win a gold medal at the Olympics, _______________________________________

b If I don’t study, I ________________________c If I don’t get married, I __________________

_______________________________________d If this class finishes early, I ________________

_______________________________________e If I don’t watch TV later, I _________________f If there’s nothing to eat in the house tonight,

we ____________________________________

4 Look at the pictures and then match

the two parts of each sentence.

a ___ If your nose itches, b ___ If you blow out all the candles on a

birthday cake at one time, c ___ If you say good-bye to a friend on a

bridge, d ___ If you cut your fingernails on Friday or

Saturday,e ___ When you see an ambulance, you will

be unlucky if f ___ If you take a test using the same pencil

you studied with,

1 it will bring bad luck. 2 you won’t see him/her again. 3 your wish will come true. 4 you don’t pinch your nose until you see a dog. 5 you will be kissed by an idiot. 6 the pencil will remember the answers.


If your right ear itches, something good

will happen.

there’ll be a big party.



D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (30)

Unit6Reading the signs

30 D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

6.4 Reading and writing

1 Match these questions with the texts.

a Why do some zodiac signs have more days than others? __b How does it work? __c Is it the same all over the world? __d Where did the idea of the zodiac come from? __e Why did people think the stars were important? __f Where does our modern twelve-symbol zodiac come from? __

1 In ancient times, people didn’t really understand how the Earth, the sun, and the stars moved. They observed the sky all the time and imagined that the constellations—the way the starsappear to be in groups—might be important.

2 Several of these constellations are in the zodiac and are represented by symbols. Peoplethought that the changing positions of the constellations at different times of the year affectedpeople and events on Earth. They imagined stories about their gods and other myths.

3 Imagine a straight line drawn from Earth through the Sun and out into space. Then, as theEarth orbits the Sun, the imaginary line would rotate, pointing to different stars throughout onecomplete orbit, which takes one year.

4 The Babylonians lived over 3,000 years ago. They divided their year into twelve monthsbecause of the Moon. So they divided the zodiac into twelve equal parts—like cutting a pizzainto twelve equal slices—and each month got a slice of the zodiac all to itself.

5 According to the Babylonians’ own ancient stories, there were thirteen constellations in thezodiac. The Babylonians picked one, Ophiuchus, to leave out. But the constellations are differentsizes and shapes. So the Sun spends different lengths of time lined up with each one.

6 Other cultures and traditions have recognized as many as twenty-four constellations in thezodiac—it all depends on the different parts of the world! Maybe the Babylonians just didn’t likethe number thirteen. It is unlucky, you know …

2 Now match these ideas to the paragraphs they describe best.

a ___ The Babylonians wanted to make their zodiac the same as their year.b ___ It’s a bit like a very big clock.c ___ Sometimes, things don’t fit perfectly into place!d ___ Things that happen in space can change things on Earth.e ___ People interpret things in different ways all over the world.f ___ Science was quite simple in the past. People watched things and had ideas.

3 Find words in the texts that mean the same as these:

a looked at ______________b very old ______________c thought about ______________d move in space ______________e a piece of something ______________f bad luck ______________




Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (31)


Unit66.5 Culture

Reading the signs

1 Match the pictures and proverbs.

a Many hands make light work. ___ b Too many cooks spoil the soup. ___


2 Match the proverbs in Activity 1 with these definitions.

If a lot of people …a try to do something at the same time they will fail. ___b work together they will do it more easily. ___

4 Look at the words in bold in Activity 3. Can you match them with their meanings?

a a present given to somebody _________b shines _________c hurry ________ d a container made of straw _________ e an observer ___________ f a small, long animal __________ g separated _________ h a cloud of fine particles that forms when something burns __________

3 English has a lot of proverbs. Try to match these with their meanings.

a More haste, less speed. ___b All that glitters is not gold. ___c The early bird gets the worm. ___d There’s no smoke without fire. ___e Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. ___f Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ___g Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. ___h A fool and his money are soon parted. ___

1 Everybody finds different things attractive. 2 Spectacular things are not always the best. 3 If you try to go too fast, everything will go wrong. 4 If someone gives you something, don’t look for faults in it. 5 People who are awake and arrive first often do well in life. 6 If you hear a rumor more than once, there’s probably some truth in it. 7 It’s a mistake to place your hopes and dreams in one place or person. 8 If you are not careful and intelligent, you will soon lose all your money.





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32 D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

7.1 Can you talk about what you have done?


1 Use these phrases to write truesentences about you.

a _______________________________________b _______________________________________c _______________________________________d _______________________________________e _______________________________________f _______________________________________

buy flowers for a friend cry during a romantic movie get a Valentine

meet someone famous read a romantic novel

send a romantic text message

3 What are the past participles of theseverbs?

a do ___________b go ___________c eat ___________ d fly ___________e win ___________f speak ___________g meet ___________h send ___________i become ___________j know ___________k begin ___________

4 Unscramble the questions.

a snowboarding / have / ever / gone / you / ?_______________________________________

b have / before / you / met / ?_______________________________________

c you / have / in / another / lived / ever /country / ?_______________________________________ _______________________________________

d ever / you / before / in / public / spoken /have / ? _______________________________________ _______________________________________

e you / in / have / rain / in / swum / a / river / the / ever / ?_______________________________________ _______________________________________

f you / small / before / in / have / a / plane /flown / ever / ?_______________________________________ _______________________________________

5 Match the answers with thequestions in Activity 4.

a No, I haven’t. I don’t like feeling cold! ___b Yes, I have, I love it! ___c Yes, we have, last year! ___d Yes, I have, many times. ___e No, I haven’t, this is the first time! ___f No, I haven’t. I’ve always lived here. ___

2 Unscramble the words and use themto complete the sentences.

a ettx emsesag ________________b cmarntio ________________c lalf ni eovl ________________d loev opme ________________e rizygzl abre ________________f adet ________________

1 Sally asked Jeff out on a ___.2 Beep, beep! You’ve received a ___!3 In Canada I saw a ___.4 What a beautiful ___!5 Sometimes people ___ at first sight. 6 Venice and Paris are very ___ cities.







I’ve never read a romantic novel.

text message



Have you ever gone snowboarding?


Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (33)

Unit77.2 Vocabulary



5 Complete these sentences using someof the words from Activity 4.

a My ________ as a writer has been verysuccessful.

b The __________ bear was very frightening.c Did you receive any _____________ cards?d I love puppies and kittens, they’re so

____________. e That __________ has just finished her third

best seller.f The __________ heroine fought with three

tigers to rescue the hero. g A famous English ______________ begins:

“Tiger, tiger burning bright / In the forestsof the night ...”

4 Fill in the first and last letters. Use the clues to help you.

a gr_ _ _ly b_ _ r a type of animalb ___alentin___ February 14th

c ___aree___ professional lifed ___ovesic___ completely in lovee ___ntelligen___ another word for cleverf ___oe___ piece of writing in rhymeg ___ovelis___ a person who writes novelsh ___arin___ another word for adventurous i ___ut___ another word for pretty or


1 Circle the different word and say why.

a cry buy run mad_______________________________________

b done gone eaten invent_______________________________________

c sick mad blind cute_______________________________________

d romantic Valentine admirer career_______________________________________

e heroine novelist poem grizzly bear_______________________________________

f adventurous realistic daring date_______________________________________

2 Complete the text with these words.

The (a) ________ Belinda Bliss loves the colorpink. She lives in a pink mansion and only (b) ____________ pink clothes. Belinda’s (c) ___________ dyes her hair pink, and shealways wears pink makeup. Belinda Blisswrites (d) _________ novels. Her (e) _________are always very (f) ______________ anddaring—fighting with tigers in the jungle andjumping off high mountains. Her (g) ____________ are always (h) ____________women who eat lots of (i) ____________. Thehero and heroine are always head over heelsin love. Belinda knows that her stories are (j) ___________, but her (k) ____________ as anovelist has been very successful. “Peopleneed romance and (l) ______________ in ourmodern society and that is what I givethem!” she says.

adventurous career chocolates cute dreams hairdresser

heroes heroines love novelistromantic unrealistic wears

3 Find the past participles of these verbs.

do eat fly go meet run speakswim win


















































The others are verbs.



zi z e a


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34 D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

7.3 Can you talk about things people have done?

4 Answer the questions in Activity 3using the prompts.

a (✗ / likes / be single) _______________________________________

b (✓ / often / have fights)_______________________________________

c (✓ / usually / get injured)_______________________________________

d (✗ / but / win an Emmy)_______________________________________

e (✓ / all the time)_______________________________________

f (✗ / can’t swim)_______________________________________

5 Complete these sentences so they aretrue about you.

a My parents _________ (live) in this countryall their lives.

b I ________________ (eat) kangaroo meat.c I ________________ (cry) during a sad part

of a movie.d My best friend _____________ (cook) dinner

for me.e I _____________________ (be) to a baseball

game. f Our teacher ____________________ (shout)

during our English class.

3 Use the prompts and make questionsto ask Psybella’s manager about herexperiences.

a be married _____________________________b have fights with her co-stars _____________

_______________________________________c get injured during a movie ________________

_______________________________________d win an Oscar ___________________________

_______________________________________e forget her words _______________________

_______________________________________f swim with sharks _______________________


1 Unscramble the words and writetheir opposites.

a klei ____________ ____________b motaicrn ____________ ____________c nkdi ____________ ____________d suaendvtrou ____________ ____________e acrtelisi ____________ ____________f tgnneliliet ____________ ____________g arndig ____________ ____________

2 Look at the pictures of Psybella, amovie heroine, and use these wordsto make sentences.

a _______________________________________b _______________________________________c _______________________________________d _______________________________________e _______________________________________f _______________________________________

climb Big Ben seen the Pyramidsdo the housework fly a plane

have lots of boyfriends ride a camel


a b





She hasn't seen the Pyramids.


Has she ever been married?

No, she hasn’t. She likes being single.

have lived

Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (35)


Unit77.4 Reading and writing


Who says …

a the weather was very bad?

b he didn’t think anyone loved him?

c he doesn’t know what happened to the other man?

d the plan was very good?

e it was his men who committed the murders?

f he was on vacation when it happened?

g nobody was caught for the crime?

h he had transport problems?

Al or Bugs?


1 Read this dialogue between the famous gangsters Al Capone and Bugs Moran. Then decide who says what.

BUGS MORAN: Everybody thinks Valentine’s Day is supposed to be romantic, right? Everyone lovingeach other and sending flowers and everything! Well, I tell you, in the cold snowymorning of February 14, 1929, I didn’t feel that anyone loved me!

AL CAPONE: Yeah, the most famous Valentine’s Day present in history—and I nearly got you, too! Istill don’t know how you escaped!

BM: Well, that’s a secret, and I’m not going to tell you after all these years.AC: But my plan was so perfect. My right hand man, Jack “Machine Gun” McGurn had

planned everything.BM: Yes, your men had convinced me to go to a warehouse in North Clark Street in

Chicago. We thought we could get some illegal whisky. I should have known theprice was too good to be true!

AC: Well, you fell for the trick—perhaps you were a little too greedy in those days. And my men were waiting for you …

BM: Yes, I admit it was a good plan. They were all dressed as policemen, and my menthought they were going to be arrested because of the whisky. But instead your men shot all my men—seven of them.

AC: And all the time I was on the beach in Miami!BM: Yes, the police never arrested anyone, but I knew it was you!AC: OK, I admit it was me. So, now are you going to tell me how you got away?BM: Let’s just say I’m glad the traffic was bad that morning ...


D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (36)


36 D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Greeting cards

7.5 Culture

1 Write true (T) or false (F) next to the sentences. Then read the paragraph and see if you were right.

a People buy a lot of greeting cards. ___b Greeting cards are sold only in special stores. ___c People often send cards on Valentine’s Day. ___d Some people send cards when a friend gets a new job. ___e The greeting card industry doesn’t make much money at Christmas. ___

2 Match the greetings on the left with the occasion or celebration on the right.

a Marvellous news — it’s a boy! 1 wedding anniversaryb Congratulations! You’ve passed! 2 birth of a babyc All best wishes for your future together. 3 Valentine’s Dayd Get well soon. 4 wedding daye Sorry to hear your sad news. 5 Christmas f To the best Mom in the world! 6 success on an examg Twenty-five years together! 7 movingh Season’s greetings! 8 Mother’s Dayi To the one I love! 9 someone is illj Good luck in your new home! 10 someone has died

3 Read the advertisem*nt and choose the best answer.

a The advertisem*nt is mainly about … .1 paper greeting cards 2 e-cards 3 different types of celebrations

b The types of cards mentioned in the advertisem*nt are … .1 normal2 a bit unusual 3 imaginary

c With you can … .1 design your own cards 2 send e-cards to people 3 visit the card factory

d GREETKARD offers to … .1 invent a personal message for you 2 write to you to say thank you 3 mail your cards for you

In many countries the greeting card industry is huge. There are stores that sell nothing else but cards.Most supermarkets have a special section that sells cards. You can buy cards for all the normalcelebrations like birthdays or Valentine’s Day. However, you can also buy more unusual cards forthings like moving, graduating or changing your job. People spend a lot of money on cards. AtChristmas alone, the average person probably sends between fifty and a hundred cards.

GREETKARDfor that special occasion

Now you can order cards for every occasion—justlike the cards in your local store. All you have to do isgo to and your problems are over.We’ve got cards for pets’ birthdays, taking a drivingtest, getting engaged, having an operation—plus all themore conventional ones! Order the cards that you like.We will send them to you and you can sign and deliverthem yourself; OR, add your personal message online(we can even handwrite it) and we will mail the cardsfor you on the date that you choose.

If you prefer, also offers free e-cards. Why not visit our web site now?


Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (37)


Unit88.1 Can you talk about rules and obligations?

Breaking the rules

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

1 Unscramble these words and matchthem to the definitions below.

a lebl _________b lapnrpici ___________ c aetl ___________d cuxsee ___________e eulsr ___________f iet___________g no eimt ____________

1 it makes a ringing sound _________2 the opposite of early _____________3 the director of a school ___________ 4 what you can and can’t do ___________5 when you are not late, you

are __________6 some men wear a ___________ around

their neck7 an explanation for something you have

done ___________

2 Match these pictures with the rules.

a You don’t have to eat lunch inside theschool. ___

b You can’t ride a scooter in school. ___c You have to wear a uniform. ___d You have to start school at eight

o’clock. ___e You can’t have tattoos. ___f She has to wear a tie. ___





3 Read this conversation and circle thecorrect option.

LOU: My school is very relaxed. My students(a) don’t have to / haven’t to wearuniforms.

MEL: Really? My school isn’t relaxed. Mystudents (b) have to / don’t have to wearties and uniforms. The students (c) can / can’t have tattoos, and the boys(d) can / can’t have long hair.

LOU: Why not? My students (e) have to / don’thave to be polite to their teachers, andthey (f) have to / don’t have to do theirhomework, but I don’t care how longtheir hair is or how many tattoos theyhave!

4Use these prompts to write about rules.

a He / have to / take / exams._______________________________________

b You / can’t / use / cell / school.


c She / not have to / wear / tie.


d He / have to / turn in homework / time.


e They / not have to / attend / all classes.


f You / can’t eat / in school.


5 Write about your school rules.

a can


b can


c can’t


d have to_______________________________________

e don’t have to



2 3







We can wear jeans on Fridays.

He has to take exams.

Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (38)


38 D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

8.2 Vocabulary

Breaking the rules

3 Match the two halves of thesentences.

a My neighbors are horrible, ___b There’s no excuse for your behavior, ___c In the USA a traditional Christmas dinner is ___d Janet always swore she would be famous, ___e Our principal has made lots of

changes, ___f The audience went wild at the end of the

concert ___

1 some good, some bad.2 they gossip about everyone.3 turkey and stuffing.4 and applauded for over half an hour.5 you’re old enough to know better now.6 and now she has her own TV show.

5 Unscramble the sentences. The first words are given.

a The girls / soccer / to / a / match /challenged / boys / the / .The girls ______________________________________________________________________

b I / for / a camera / birthday / got / my / .I ______________________________________

c Clean up / real / it’s / your / mess / room / a / ! / ,Clean up ________________________________

d The / food / cafeteria / school / great / serves / .The school cafeteria _____________________

e The / at / are / my / rules / strict / very /school / .The ___________________________________

f If / first / don’t / try / you / at / again /succeed / . / ,If _____________________________________

g We / to / a / wear / have / uniform / with /our / tie / school / .We ___________________________________

1 Unscramble the words.

a Let’s go and get a cup of tea from thefcerateai ___________.

b The first ziper was a CD player_______________.

c You can’t afford that, it’s really penexvise_______________.

d Don’t guare with me, you’re not going tothe party _______________!

e I’ve taken some great photos with my newrameca _______________.

f Hurry up, or we’ll be alet _______________!g There’s no secuxe, you should always do

your homework _______________.

2 Match the words to the word groups.

a old-fashioned ___b on time ___c neat ___d freedom ___e expensive ___f tie ___g prize ___

1 award first win2 suit shirt collar 3 money cheap afford4 slave liberty speech 5 late early punctual6 clean messy put away7 modern out-of-date up to the minute

4 Replace the words with theirsynonyms.

a I have to buy some new glasses, the ones I have are so out of style ______________.

b The bus is never on time ______________.c I promise ______________ never to do that

again. d The director ______________ gave the

whole class detention. e Liberty ______________ is one of the most

important human rights. f The regulations ____________ say that you

cannot smoke in this building. g The people watching a performance

______________ applauded the musicians.

always late audience freedom rulesprincipal old-fashioned swear




challenged the boys to a soccer



Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (39)

Unit88.3 Can you talk about rules at home?

Breaking the rules

4 Write sentences about the rules inyour house.

a I can __________________________________b I have to ______________________________c I mustn’t _______________________________d I don’t have to __________________________e I can’t _________________________________f I must _________________________________

3 Look at Sam and Jim’s activities atcamp. Complete the sentences usinghad to or couldn’t.

a Sam and Jim _____________ go swimmingevery morning.

b But Sam _____________ because the waterwas too cold!

c Sam and Jim _____________ complete thedaily challenge.

d Jim _____________ complete the dailychallenge. It was very difficult!

e Sam and Jim ____________ be neat. They were successful!

f Sam and Jim ____________ drink two litersof water every day. Jim _____________.

g Sam and Jim _______________ make lunchevery two days. They ______________.

1 Match these words with thedefinitions.

a When you join in a game or a sportsmatch you ________________ it.

b ________________ is the opposite of fail.c What you win in a competition is

a ______________.d A ______________ is a machine for

recording images.e A ______________ is something difficult

you have to do.f When you do something very well, you do

it ______________.g ________________ is a conversation about

other people’s private lives.h When you disagree with someone, often

angrily, you _________________.i You _______________ when you say rude

or offensive words like ‘!#&*+’.

argue camera challenge gossip prizesucceed successfully swear take part in

2 Match these pictures to the sentencesbelow and circle the correct option.

a You must / mustn’t eat unhealthy food likehamburgers or candy. ___

b You must / mustn’t go to bed before eleveno’clock. ___

c You must / mustn’t take two showers aday. ___

d You must / mustn’t swear. ___




Complete the daily challenge successfully.

Be neat.

Go swimming in the lake every morning.

Drink two liters of water every day.

Help make lunch every Tuesday and Thursday.









1 2

3 4

take part in

2 stay in bed late on Sundays.

had to


39D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (40)


40 D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

8.4 Reading and writing

Breaking the rules

1Write these paragraph headings in the correct places.

A unique learning model Fantastic campus!You decide Working together

Many new schools Enjoy learning

2 Correct the sentences that are wrong.

a The Sudbury Valley School is located in a very modern building. ___________________________––––––––––––––––––––––

b The model is based on the idea that people are basically curious and want to learn. ____________c Students have to take the courses that the teachers assign them. ____________d Students learn concentration. ____________e Student learn many skills while having a good time. ____________f There are very few Sudbury model schools. ____________

3 If you could change the rules at your school, which ones would you change? Why would you change them?

Rules I would change: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Why I would change them: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

a _______________________ Sudbury Valley School was founded in Framingham, Massachusettsin 1968. It is located in an old stone mansion and a converted barn on a 19th century estate.The campus covers ten acres and is next to conservation lands.

b _______________________ The Sudbury model is not traditional. It is based on the idea thatlearning happens all the time, but mostly when the learner pursues it. People are basically curiousand become creative if they are allowed to develop their special talents.

c _______________________ The school is democratic and students are responsible for directingtheir own education. This means that students initiate all their own activities. It is up to themto figure out what they want and need to learn. The teachers are there to help.

d _______________________ Sudbury has lots of countryside where the children can play, buildthings in the woods and ride their bikes. But it is not all about playing. The idea is to learn howto live in an open and democratic community.

e _______________________ Students learn concentration, self-discipline, resourcefulness,communication skills, flexibility and perseverance while enjoying painting, sculpture, hiking,cooking, sports and making friends.

f _______________________ This democratic education model has been successful. Today thereare Sudbury model schools across the USA and in many different countries.

Fantastic campus!

It’s in an old stone mansionand converted barn.

Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (41)


Unit88.5 Culture

Breaking the rules

1 Read the first paragraph and answer the questions:

a Who or what is “Big Brother”? ______________________________________________________________b What is society like in 1984? ______________________________________________________________

2 Read the second paragraph and answer:

a What are the names of the countries in 1984? _______________________________________________b Why are the “Thought Police” feared? ________________________________________________________c How does the government control society? _________________________________________________

4 Write true (T) or false (F). Correct the false ones.

a Big Brother is a radio program. ___ _________________________________________________________b Orwell wrote his novel in 1984. ___ _______________________________________________________c A thought crime was not very serious. ___ _________________________________________________d Everyone was scared of the Thought Police. ___ ______________________________________________e Cameras watch the contestants twenty-four hours a day. ___ _____________________________________f The world in 1984 is divided into lots of different countries. ___ _____________________________

3 Read the third paragraph and answer:

a How does the government want people to behave? ____________________________________________

You’ve all heard of Big Brother, the reality TV show where strangers live together in a house and are watched bycameras twenty-four hours a day. But did you know that the idea of “Big Brother” comes from the novel 1984 byGeorge Orwell, that was written in 1947. Big Brother was the name of an unknown figure who ruled the world.“1984” describes a society where everyone and everything is totally controlled, even your thoughts!

The planet in “1984” is divided into three countries: Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. Big Brother and his politicalparty controls the whole world. There are two-way televisions in everyone’s house and cameras on the streets, sothat Big Brother can see what you are doing every single moment. These televisions cannot be turned off and theysend out the constant propaganda messages of the Party. The three slogans of the Party are War is peace, Freedom isslavery and Ignorance is strength. But the most feared of all government agencies is the “Thought Police.” The worstcrime is a “thought crime” which is anything that does not agree with the Party and Big Brother.

People are encouraged to hate each other; there are special TV programs to make the citizens angry and violent.They are also taught to spy on each other, to tell the Thought Police if they suspect a neighbor of being different.Everyone wears similar clothes and they all exercise at the same time.

Sounds like a great read, doesn’t it? Why don’t you see if you can find a copy of 1984 in your library or bookstore?

Big Brother’s watching you!

Big Brother is a reality TV show.F


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Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (42)

Unit9Game fanatics

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9.1 Can you use already and yet

1 Unscramble these words and matchthem to the definitions.

a emsesag ___________b trahc ___________c hsarc ___________d lels uto ___________ e eioepsd ___________f crmneeoy ___________

1 When you can’t speak to someone, youleave them a ___________

2 When a car hits something, there is a__________________.

3 One part of a series of a TV program__________________.

4 A religions event like a wedding is a typeof __________________.

5 A list of pop songs that have sold the mostis a _______________.

6 When a movie is very popular and all thetickets are sold, it is a ________________.

3 Expand the sentences in Activity 2.

a _______________________________________b _______________________________________c _______________________________________d _______________________________________e _______________________________________f _______________________________________

GUY: Have you already (a) ______ (see) the new computer game?

JO: Yes, I’ve already (b) __________ (be) inthe computer room. Sue and I playedthe new Tomb Raider game …

G: Cool! So have you (c) ________ (win) yet?J: No, Lara Croft has already (d) __________

(fight) against the Egyptians and we’ve(e) __________ (stop) the game.

G: I really want to buy it, but it is (f) _______________ (sell out) so I haveto wait until next week!

J: Well, we haven’t (g) ___________(decided) yet, it is really tough!

G: No sweat!

5 Write about things you have or havenot done today.

a I’ve finished my homework

b _______________________________________c _______________________________________d _______________________________________e _______________________________________f _______________________________________

2 Match these pictures with the wordsbelow.

a He / already / take / a shower. ____b He / meet / a famous singer / yet /. ____c They / already / see / that movie. ____d She / already / buy / some flowers. ____e He / drop / a bottle of cola / yet /. ____f She / win / a race / yet /. ____





4 Complete this conversation usingthese prompts.





5 6




He’s already taken a shower.


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Unit99.2 Vocabulary

Game fanatics

2 Fill in the first and last letters of thewords. Use the clues to help you.

a __old-ou__ when there are no more ticketsleft

b __opula__ something/someone that mostpeople like

c __trateg__ a plan to do somethingnormally in a war or campaign

d __omplicate__ the opposite of simplee __ras__ when two or more cars hit

each otherf __lockbuste__ a best-selling movieg __ou__ the opposite of quiet

3 Use the words in Activity 2 tocomplete these sentences.

a It was impossible to get tickets—the show was completely _________

b Can you turn down the music, please? It’stoo ___________.

c My father had a car __________ last week,but he wasn’t hurt.

d The hockey coach explained her__________ to her players.

e This Math equation is very ____________,I’ll never understand it.

f The world-famous singer Julian Churchwas never very _____________ at school.

g This summer’s ____________ is a romanticcomedy, starring Minnie Drover and JamesCairie.

4 Circle the correct answer.

a Which of these would not have a rating?1 a movie2 a book3 a window

b The opposite of realistic is … .1 unrealistic2 inrealistic3 umrealistic

c The opposite of popular is … .1 unpopular2 impopular3 inpopular

d The opposite of complicated is … .1 difficult2 facile3 easy

e Which of these things cannot crash?1 a computer2 a train3 a pen

f The words top, chart and pop are allrelated to … .1 movies2 music3 books

g Loud, popular and enjoyable are all … .1 nouns2 adjectives3 adverbs

1 Fill in the blanks using the followingwords.

Matt Demon was in town yesterday for theOscar (a) ________. His latest movie, Angels inmy Dreams has been the biggest (b) ___________this year: 100 million dollars at the box office!His song Angels in my Dreams has been at the (c) ______________ of the (d) ____________ forten months and shows no signs ofdisappearing. The (e) ________________ for theOscar for Best Movie is between Angels andMy Life is a Video Game by Peter Alodove. Themovie has been completely (f) _______________in all the movie theaters across the country.The critics’ (g) _____________ is 10 stars—onecritic called it “the (h) ______________ movieever made.” Recommendation: MUST SEE!

best blockbuster ceremony chartsrace rating sold out top


sold out

s t


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Unit9Game fanatics

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9.3 Can you compare things?

5 Complete these sentences with trueinformation.

a In my opinion the best TV program is_______________.

b My family has the most _______________.c My best friend is better at ______________

than I am.d The students in this class are the most

_______________ in the school.e I think that playing _____________ is more

enjoyable than playing ____________.f I think baseball is ____________ than


2 Match the adjectives in Activity 1with their definitions.

a The opposite of good is ______.b The opposite of bad is ___________.c Another word for noisy is ____________.d The opposite of interesting is ___________.e The opposite of simple or easy is __________.f When people like something a lot it is

____________.g When something gives you pleasure it is


4 Complete this conversation using theprompts.

3 Unscramble these sentences.

a than / is / Shoot ‘em Up 3 / more / Raider 2 / realistic / . _______________________________________ _______________________________________

b is / most / the / Raider 3 / complicated /game / ._______________________________________ _______________________________________

c sports games / simulations / than / more /popular / are / ._______________________________________ _______________________________________

d is / than / Timeshifter / Shapeshifter / faster / ._______________________________________ _______________________________________

e enjoyable / the / Warning 2 / most / game / is / ._______________________________________ _______________________________________

f the / Dirty Angel / all / games / better /than / is / other / ._______________________________________ _______________________________________

1 Write the superlatives of these adjectives.


_____________ ______________________________________________________________________________

a badb complicatedc loudd populare goodf boringg enjoyable

Hey, Al, you’ve got

Predator 3. Is it

(a) _______ (good)

than Predator 2?

Well, it’s (b) _______(fast) than Predator 2,

but Predator 2 is

(c) ________________(realistic).

How about this

one? Look: The

(d) ______________(enjoyable) game you will

buy this year!

Red Planet Redux?

That’s wrong! It’s

(e) the ______________(unrealistic) game I’ve


OK, then, which one

should we get? This one

is (f) ______________(cheap) than that

one …

I think Planet

Manager 2 is the

(g) ________________(good). It’s complicated

but enjoyable!

the worst



The Simpsons

Shoot ‘em Up 3 is more realistic than_____Raider 2.

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Unit99.4 Reading and writing

Game fanatics



1 Match these descriptions to the games and toys.

a ___ 4000 BC A board game, possibly an antecedent of chess, is played in Babylonia.b ___ 3000 BC A game resembling backgammon is played in Ancient Sumeria. (Games similar to

backgammon have probably been played in Egypt, Greece and Rome for thousands of years.) c ___ 3000 BC Stone marbles are first used in Egypt. Later, glass marbles become popular in the

USA in the 1800s.d ___ 1000 BC Kites first appear in China. e ___ 1000 BC Stone yo-yos are used in Greece.f ___ 969 AD Playing cards are used for the first time in Asia.g ___ 1759 AD Roller skates are invented.h ___ 1901 AD Joshua Lionel Cowen, 22, creates a battery-powered train as an “animated

advertisem*nt” for a display window. To his surprise, customers are more interested inpurchasing his toy train than the merchandise in the display. Toy trains are born.1896 AD A version of the Indian game Parcheesi is introduced in England with the nameLudo. Parcheesi is a type of “cross and circle” game and was played in the Korean, Syrian, andAztec cultures.

i ___ 1949 AD Ole Christiansen from Denmark begins to manufacture a plastic brick that can belocked together to construct anything! The name Lego comes from the Danish leg godt, whichmeans “play well.” Just six bricks fit together in 102,981,500 different ways.1979 AD Two Canadian journalists invent Trivial Pursuit after having an argument while theywere drinking beer. It was originally called Six Thousand Questions.

j ___ 1983 AD A Japanese company, Nintendo, brings a home video game system to the UnitedStates. With fifty-two colors, realistic sound, and high-speed action, it is an immediate success.1989 AD Nintendo releases Game Boy, a battery-powered, hand-held video game system.

2 Write questions for these answers. Use the past tense.

a ____________________________________________________________________ In 1989.b ____________________________________________________________________ In China.c ____________________________________________________________________ Glass marbles.d ____________________________________________________________________ In 969 AD.e ____________________________________________________________________ “Play well.”f ____________________________________________________________________ Joshua Lionel Cowen.g ____________________________________________________________________ For thousands of years.


When did Nintendo release Game Boy?


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Unit9Game fanatics

46 D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

9.5 Culture

Basketball is unusual because it did not evolve from another sport; it was invented by one man.In 1891, Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian minister on the faculty of a college in Massachusetts,was asked to make up an indoor game to keep athletes busy during the long winters. Legendhas it that, after he wrote the rules for the new sport, he nailed a peach basket onto the gymwall. Basketball soon became popular all over the world. It was first included in the Olympic Gamesin 1936, and women's basketball was added in 1976. Basketball is played by two teams of five players who score points by throwing a ball into theopposing team's basket. Players can move the ball around the court by passing, tapping,throwing, rolling or dribbling. Passing is throwing the ball from player to player. Dribbling refersto running while continuously bouncing the ball. The only essential equipment in basketball is the court, which consists of two baskets withbackboards, and a basketball (Basketball was originally played with a soccer ball.) Atcompetition level, clocks are necessary to regulate game time. A referee and umpires called officials, control the game. The officials call fouls and violations andoversee substitutions, timeouts, and other details.An attempt to unfairly disadvantage an opponent through personal contact is illegal and iscalled a foul. If a player commits a foul, the opposing team is awarded one or more free throws.

2 Read the text. If you can’t understand the rules, don’t worry! Many people can’t.Invent a new game using a ball. Write the rules (no more than five)!


Only five players from each team can be on the court atone time. Players can be substituted during the game.

The ball cannot be kicked or struck with the fist or goout of the court.

Traveling is a violation; it means to run with the ballwithout dribbling. Also, the ball can only be dribbled withone hand at a time.

Blocking, charging, hacking and holding are consideredfouls. They involve unfair personal contact with theopponent. If a player commits a foul the opposing team isawarded one or more free shots.


a to change form _____________________b used to regulate the game time ______________c the opposite of outdoor ________________d the person or team you play against _________

1 Find words in the text that mean the same as the pictures or descriptions.

e ________ f ________ g ________ h ________

Can Do Worksheets 3A - [PDF Document] (47)

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WorksheetsEach Unit of Can Do comes with five photocopiable worksheets designed to review the mostimportant grammatical points, providing teachers and students in mixed-ability classroomswith valuable remedial work as well as material for fast finishers.

Worksheet 1

Additional remedial workdesigned to review the mostimportant language pointscovered in the first two pagesof each unit in the Student’sBook.

Worksheet 2

Extension worksheets toincrease vocabulary requiringsome creativity and mentalmanipulation of the languageforms.

Worksheet 3

Additional remedial workdesigned to review the mostimportant language pointscovered in the first two pagesof each unit in the Student’sBook.

Worksheet 4

Extension worksheets toexpand on reading and writingskills.

Worksheet 5

Additional worksheets todiscover the culture of differentcountries.

Table of contents


1 New friends 2

2 Different lifestyles 7

3 The champions 12

4 Money talks 17

5 Important moments 22

6 Reading the signs 27

7 Romance 32

8 Breaking the rules 37

9 Game fanatics 42

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  5. Know yourself and your abilities.
  6. Consider using ACT test prep materials.

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