Our Best Jell-O Mold Recipes (2024)

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Our Best Jell-O Mold Recipes (1)Katie BandurskiUpdated: Jan. 05, 2022

    Craving a recipe from your childhood? Step back in time with these vintage Jell-O mold recipes. They're just like the ones mom and grandma used to make!


    Molded Strawberry Salad

    This refreshing salad has two layers – a pretty pink bottom that includes sour cream, and a ruby red top with strawberries and pineapple. For years, Mom has included this salad in meals she prepares for our family. -Gloria Grant, Sterling, Illinois

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    Grandmother's Orange Salad

    This orange salad dessert is slightly sweet and tangy, too. It adds beautiful color to any meal and appeals to all ages! —Ann Eastman, Santa Monica, California

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    Molded Cranberry-Orange Salad

    When I take this dish to potlucks during the holidays, people always ooh and aah. Feel free to top with whipped cream for added appeal. —Carol Mead, Los Alamos, New Mexico

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    Taste of Home

    Peach Bavarian

    Fruit molds are my specialty. This one, with its refreshing peach taste, makes a colorful salad or dessert. —Adeline Piscitelli, Sayreville, New Jersey

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    With its sunny lemon color, this gelatin mold brightens up any table. I usually make two molds for parties because it disappears so quickly. —Patricia Ryzow, Thousand Oaks, California

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    Pina Colada Molded Salad

    My gelatin ring gets a tropical twist from coconut, pineapple and macadamia nuts. It's a wonderful anytime treat. Now that I'm retired from teaching, I have more time for kitchen experiments. —Carol Gillespie, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

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    Cran-Raspberry Gelatin Salad

    Just like Grandma’s, this pretty gelatin salad has full berry flavor without being too tart. It’s perfect for any holiday dinner. —Rosemary Burch, Phoenix, Arizona

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    Orange Buttermilk Gelatin Salad Mold

    A dear friend shared this recipe with me years ago. Now it's my favorite dish to take to a church meeting, shower or any potluck event—it's always a hit. Whenever I serve this salad, people ask for the recipe. They find it hard to believe it's really made with buttermilk! —Juanita Hutto, Mechanicsville, Virginia

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    Snowy Raspberry Gelatin Mold

    This mold is always on our holiday table. The raspberry layer makes an attractive base for the creamy cream cheese layer. —Lily Julow, Lawrenceville, Georgia


    Sangria Gelatin Ring

    This gelatin is enjoyed by everyone because you just can't go wrong with fresh berries. —Nicole Nemeth, Komoka, Ontario

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    Taste of Home

    Simple Lime Gelatin Salad

    Looking for a festive dish to light up the buffet? This pretty green gelatin salad is eye-catching and has a delightful, tangy flavor. —Cyndi Fynaardt, Oskaloosa, Iowa

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    Taste of Home

    Apricot Gelatin Mold

    After my husband and I got married, he asked me to get this special holiday recipe from my mother. Mom prepared it for every family celebration, and now I make it for my family! You can replace peach with orange gelatin if you prefer. —Suzanne Holcomb, St. Johnsville, New York

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    Cranberry-Eggnog Gelatin Salad

    Refreshing and bursting with flavor, this festive jello salad is a great choice for a holiday potluck or make ahead Thanksgiving side. The sweet pineapple-eggnog layer contrasts nicely with the cool and tangy gelatin on top. Since it has to chill overnight, it’s a good pick for those dishes you want to prepare a day ahead. —Nancy Foust, Stoneboro, Pennsylvania

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    Taste of Home

    Fluffy Cranberry Mousse

    This is a delicious and pretty salad for the holidays, but it's so good that I serve it at other times, too. I got the recipe from a neighbor who had served it with a traditional turkey dinner. —Helen Clement, Hemet, California

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    Taste of Home

    Rosey Raspberry Salad

    Whenever I make this pretty raspberry salad, people talk! It's a festive side dish that works well for celebrations throughout the year. —Jane Vanderground, Macedonia, Ohio

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    Taste of Home

    Mango Gelatin Salad

    My Aunt Nannette shared this smooth and refreshing salad as a convenient do-ahead dish. The mango and apricot flavors go well with pork, chicken and beef. —Debra Sult, Chandler, Arizona

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    Taste of Home

    Molded Cranberry Nut Salad

    We try lots of cranberry recipes, and this one is always requested when we have family get-togethers at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It has also been a favorite dish at every church potluck I've taken it to! —Eleanor Arthur, Seattle, Washington

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    Originally Published: September 18, 2020

    Our Best Jell-O Mold Recipes (18)

    Katie Bandurski

    As Senior Shopping Editor, Katie connects Taste of Home readers with the best gifts, deals and home products on the market. An avid foodie and a holiday enthusiast, Katie is an expert at cultivating meaningful moments.When she’s out of the office, you’ll find her exploring Wisconsin, trying out new vegetarian recipes and watching Christmas movies.

    Our Best Jell-O Mold Recipes (2024)


    How much Jell-O do you need for a mold? ›

    You will need one 8oz serving package of Jello/gelatin for every 3/4 cups of water. I have not tried higher concentration (yet), but feel free to experiment as a less "jiggly" mold would be better. ** There is an exception to this rule.

    Do you spray Jell-O molds? ›

    Spray your mold: Make sure you spray your mold—no matter what type you use—with cooking spray before filling. This will make removing the gelatin easier.

    Do you use less water when making a Jello mold? ›

    Use less water if the gelatin is to be molded. For a four-serving size package, use 3/4 cup cold water. Some recipes include this adjustment. * Unmolding: Gelatin should be chilled and set until firm.

    How long does it take for Jello to set in molds? ›

    Add the creamy layer mold: Once the fruit-filled gelatin is set, carefully pour the creamy gelatin mixture into the prepared pan. Refrigerate until set: Refrigerate the whole pan until set, about 4 hours but preferably overnight.

    How do you make Jello mold faster? ›

    Since metal chills more quickly than glass, gelatin in metal molds will be firm in less time than gelatin in a glass mixing bowl or serving dish. To hasten chilling, chill the mold a few minutes in a pan of ice and water before placing in refrigerator.

    Why do you put vinegar in Jell-O? ›

    Entire cookbooks were devoted to lime Jell-O, according to Belluscio, often instructing cooks to add a tablespoon of vinegar to cut the sweetness when using flavored gelatins in savory vegetable salads.

    What can I use instead of a Jello mold? ›

    Jello molds are collectables for some folks, but you actually don't need any special mold for molded desserts. You can use a Bundt pan, a loaf pan, or even a mixing bowl to set large molded desserts, or small cups, ramekins, or even espresso cups for individual servings.

    What is the best material for Jello molds? ›

    Jello molds or moldes para gelatina are as versatile as Jello desserts themselves. Plastic, metal, ceramic, stoneware, porcelain, glass and silicone are all suitable materials for molding Jello.

    Can you spray Pam in a Jello mold? ›

    Spraying the mold with Pam or some other cooking spray is another common trick, but one that may leave a residue and flavor on the Jell-O, which you may not want depending on what you are making. Certain molds, including newer plastic ones and some vintage molds, also come with removable seals to help with unmolding.

    Why did people make Jello molds? ›

    After World War II, when food shortages and rationing ended, gelatin became a creative kitchen tool, as well as a shortcut. Congealed molded dishes quickly earned a place at the table as impressive salads. According to Clark, mid-century meals had more courses than we serve at home today.

    Should I grease a pan for Jell-O? ›

    (Very Important!) Lightly spray a 13 x9 inch pan with cooking spray Pour mixture into pan Chill at least 3 hours. Jigglers should be firm after 1 hour. To cut Jigglers dip bottom of pan in warm water for 15 seconds to loosen the gelatin.

    Can you use a cake mold as a Jello mold? ›

    All you need is a fun shaped vessel – I like decorative cake pans (Nordicware makes great ones) but you could totally just use a regular glass or stainless mixing bowl, gelatin, juice, and some time. Have fun!

    How do you use a Jell-O mold? ›

    1. Spray inside of mold tray with cooking spray; place, fill side up, on baking sheet.
    2. Add boiling water to gelatin mix in bowl; stir 3 min. until completely dissolved. ...
    3. Refrigerate 3 hours or until firm. ...
    4. Run knife around edges of molds to loosen JIGGLERS; unmold onto plate.

    How to make a mold out of gelatin? ›

    It can be used to make moulds by simply warming it in the microwave until it becomes liquid, pour it over the pattern, allow it to cool and then remove the pattern. It will cast almost any cold cure material such as resin or plaster, as long as the pattern can take the heat when pouring.

    How to make a mould with gelatin? ›

    Soak the gelatine in cold water, boil the sugar, water and glucose. Add the squeezed out gelatine. Grease the mould and the model/ piece. Attach the model to the base with some plastercine and then slowly pour on the gelatine – avoiding air bubbles.


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