Walmart Mobile App - (2024)

Make mobile shopping easier with the Walmart Mobile App

Simplify your shopping with the Walmart app, which offers a variety of features that are sure to keep the prices low, wherever you go. Whether you have an iPhone or Android device, Walmart has a shopping app for you. And if you have an iPad, a Windows phone or any other tablet or device with Internet access, just visit from your browser and enjoy the savings.

The Walmart Mobile App for iPhone and Android lets you browse, search and buy millions of products from wherever you're. You can see new savings with app notifications and pay from your phone in any store.

Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay is now available in all stores with the Walmart app. With this built-in capability, you can pay without ever reaching for your wallet and get the peace-of-mind protection that comes with this secure method of paying for purchases.

Enrollment is easy. Open the Walmart app and tap Walmart Pay. Sign in to your Walmart account and select the credit card you want to use for most of your transactions. You may also use gift cards to pay for purchases. When you're ready to make a purchase, simply:

  • Open the Walmart app and enter your PIN
  • Hold your phone over the code to scan
  • Grab your bags and go your eReceipt is stored in your app so you can always access it, and eliminate paper receipts too

Walmart Pay makes shopping faster, easier and more convenient, while at the same time keeping your financial information safe and secure.

See your store's weekly advertisem*nt

You don't need to pick up a weekly advertisem*nt anymore. Just select your store of choice and peruse the ad page by page or in a grid view. View Rollbacks and locate the nearest Walmart store quickly and easily.

Mobile Pharmacy

With Walmart s Mobile Pharmacy, it s not only easy to organize your prescription medications, but you can also enjoy easy access to an abundance of health services and products. With the convenient Walmart app, you can save time and money by using your mobile device to choose from all of our pharmacy services.

  • Prescription Refills - It s simple to refill your prescription medications. In fact, with just a few taps on your smartphone, you can refill an active prescription with or without an account.
  • Pharmacy Services - Take advantage of convenient prescription delivery to your home or office and help to keep your pets healthy with the medications you need the most.
  • Specialty Pharmacy - A team of pharmacists, nurses and insurance experts are dedicated to providing round-the-clock clinical and educational support to help you understand and achieve your treatment goals.

Fast, free pickup at your Walmart store

Enjoy a discount on select items when you order online and pick up the order at the store. Get items fast with same-day pickup or look for items marked with a two-day store pickup with free shipping.

  • Choose the store where you want to pick up your online order.
  • you'll receive an email when the order is ready to pick up.
  • Check in with the Walmart Mobile App when you arrive. This will make the pickup process quicker.
  • Follow the in-store signs to the pickup area.

Bring a copy of your Ready for Pickup email or show it on your phone. Orders over $200 require a photo ID. You can designate a pickup person during the checkout process or edit it later in the Order Details. Please note: it may take up to four hours for the new pickup person to update.

Download the Walmart iPhone app from the App Store or the Android app from the Google Play Store and you'll get even more fun and useful features:

  • Create a shopping list and add products to a favorites list using voice input or text, or by scanning bar codes.
  • Check price or product availability.
  • Find aisle locations for items on your shopping list.
  • if you're on an Android device, you can print and share your photos.

No matter what smartphone you're using, the Walmart Mobile App helps you shop smarter, even when you're in a Walmart store. So click the App Store logo or Google Play Store logo to download the Walmart App. Choose your device and start saving time and money today.

Walmart Mobile App - (2024)


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